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Finding Balance in life can be quite daunting, with all the demands our world puts on us.

I remember wishing I could stop the planet from spinning so that I could breathe for a moment,

I was in burnout and didn't know how to stop juggling a thousand balls without my world collapsing.

I was flying by the seat of my pants, starving/snacking, oversleeping at the weekends and generally becoming unwell. Does this sound familiar?

If you are facing BURNOUT then the best place to start will feel counterintuitive: It is quite simple: build some 'me time' into your busy schedule. Self care is putting your oxygen mask on first, you  cannot give from a state of emptiness. 

Your Superpower is hidden in plain sight, is it time to set it free?

Unleashing your Superpower

Kickstart Power Hour

Do you have a dream, goal, a vision of life the way you would love it to be?

In this fabulous Power Hour you will kickstart the life of your dreams and the ©DREAMWEAVING tool will provide you with clarity, purpose an action plan and a schedule - yes ALL within one hour. 

 Wisdom Keepers Membership 

I am writing and publishing a book:   Isis Wisdom:Unveiling the Magic of You

Ancient wisdom from Goddess Isis for todays world and jam packed full of practical tools to support us to live at our Highest Potential.

Within the membership you will grow in power and strength and the lens through which you look at life will give you confidence to be whoever you wish to be.

With a signed copy of the published book and a companion journal, weekly live workshops (recorded and in the library) we will go through the six stages of the book at a sensible pace.

There will be a private members area on the Spaces App and also within the website where you can catch up and look back on the work covered.

Monthly Circles where we will celebrate success and birthdays. Every member will receive a Birthday Gift Box and a Certificate of Completion at the end of each book.

Books 2 & 3 will be published in 2023/24

There is no tie in to the membership - pay monthly or annually - the choice is yours. If you wish to attend and need financial support please get in touch 




Try before you buy!

I believe that we are all powerful and capable of healing ourselves and the world in which we live. I have served people throughout my life and professional career, it is my passion and purpose to facilitate transformation.You are welcome to join me at our Circle of Light - details in our Monthly Newsletter and you can catch me on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok 

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One to One

For every problem there are countless solutions

Whatever your starting point, you can transform your life, I will teach you a variety of skills to build resilience and power to face the challenges before you. 

We humans come in all shapes and sizes but fundamentally we are the same and if our needs require attention then together we can sort them out. I work content free - which means you don't have to tell your story in great depth.

I have worked with countless people as a clinician, therapist and manager and have supported businesses through hard times. 

I love to work individually with people and I have gathered quite a toolkit over 50 years in clinical practice including: Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Mental Health Professional, Healer, Author & Intuitive Reader.

BUT first we need to check that we are a good fit and if not I have a long list of therapists who I can refer you on to. Lets get together and get you living at your Highest Potential 

Book a discovery call with me today