Intuitive Tarot

A 30 minute reading, speaking right to the heart of your question.

This free flowing session over the zoom platform, will guide, direct and inspire you in the direction of your needs.

This is no ordinary reading.

What people say about their readings...

Intuitive Tarot

I received an intuitive tarot reading from Susi which was phenomenal. She asked me to think about a question/situation personal to me be to focus on, but not share it with her. She then intuitively completed a reading which just flowed out naturally and was so accurate. Susi is so gifted and is also such a warm insightful person. I thought that having an on line reading would affect the intimacy and accuracy of it, but this was not the case at all.  I would definitely highly recommend her, and meet her again. Sara S

Tarot reading today 21.10. 21

Question or acquisition in my circle is to gain work or self love and Gods love. 

Bring music into my life more: Music is great for my mother who has advanced dementia and everybody as it is such a universal language. 

Find time to ask and talk with God more an hour a day for myself, massage,  meditation etc and follow what God wants. All based on love.

Getting the right balance for looking after self and doing for other people. ⭐️