12 Month
Life Path Reading 

In this 60 minute reading, using a variety of tools you will receive a reading for the year ahead, This is a highly interactive session over the zoom platform.

You will receive an audio recording to add to your diary throughout the year.

You can start the 12 month reading at any time 

The Life Path Overhaul Course mentioned in the reviews is available as a 1:1 in the IMUA Programme and in the Wisdom Workshops throughout the year

Testimonial- 12-month Life Path reading by Susi Jones

I completed a life path overhaul course with Susi, which was transformational. She gave me a 12 month reading as part of that in Jan 2021. I have reviewed her insightful readings each month and they have been spot on. It has been so accurate with either what events have been occurring in my life personally, or to how I have grown and changed to handle and deal with life’s challenges.  The readings also acknowledged and guided me on what events were happening in a wider context ‘out there’, in the world as well as in my personal sphere. 

Susi also gave my daughter (20) a 12 month reading. She told me recently that she was amazed about how accurate this reading has been, and that every single thing has happened and manifested in her life as Susi had fore told. Susi is a truly remarkable spiritual person and her love for people and this planet seems to enhance and enable her to be a conduit for connecting with the universal life force energy, and positively guide people in their life journeys. To open the door to Susi into your life will be a life changing experience, it certainly has been for me.  Sara S

Here are some notes from MC in her review of the 12 month Life Path Reading 

January 2021 reading: 

“time to leave unhealthy situation innocence new beginnings live life connecting with people in my life”

A good friend introduced me to a spiritual group in December. We meet up now once a month and I value these meetings and love the people in the group. Susi who led the life path overhaul workshop helped me address and overcome an incident in the past I had never forgiven myself for. Getting rid of guilt …..an unhealthy situation. 



“Let go of something sinking my boat" Ship coming in? Courage and strength in who I am. Face my feelings with Grace and acceptance so that I can be lovingly honest with myself and others. ACT my soul guides me in the right direction. 


Starting to resonate to this a lot this month. Undercurrents of needing to get the balance right in work having a plan so everyone is happy and a balance between work life commitments and time just for me is attained. Drifting away from spending time spiritually and allowing God back into my life. Need to have courage to love myself and snd be honest and open about my feelings . Don’t try to please everyone for fear of upsetting them but just reflect myself in a gentle way and say how it is for me at the same time acknowledging other people’s different thoughts and views.

Met Susi on another Tarot reading today which just funnily enough reiterates everything said for this month. Susi said I need to find time for myself allocating maybe an hour for spirituality a day talking to God and being at peace with who I am.   


This is a overview of events which have happened throughout this year