Circle of Light

Holding the vibration of love


There is a need within us all to feel heard, to belong, to feel loved. 

Within this sacred space we will: 

> Set Love as the Highest Value

> Create Boundaries for Discernment

> Enter the Mystery of our Infinite Being

.> Explore the Known and Unknown

> Converge for Strength & Success

> Compound the Joy of Discovery

> Transform our world

> Heal ourselves and each other


Zoom Platform:

2nd Monday in the Month

18.00 - 19.00 GMT

Spiritual Connection

Tribal Gathering

Wisdom Sharing

Greatness Ceremony

19.00 - 20.00

Networking Opportunity

In the words of ISIS and Wandering Horse

A circle of light is in itself a place of healing.

Healing requires work, a commitment to work towards the source of pain, to eradicate the cause in body, mind and spirit. 

There are many modalities available for healing and in this circle of light physicians, magicians and angels will come forth to share their knowledge and skills. 

This will create a bank of knowledge that will enable all to share in the wonder of life and wholeness.     ISIS


There is a certain magic in a talking circle, a place where elders, young and old can meet with honesty and frankness to share wisdom without fear of humiliation

                              Wandering Horse