one to one 

IMUA Programme

IMUA is Hawaiian meaning:  Moving Forward in Strength

Is this for me?

Most people who come for this programme are seeking an answer, a path or a purpose in their lives, this might relate to career, finance, relationship or self esteem.

This session is based on practical tools for the body and mind as well as awakening the mystery within you that already knows your needs.

We get stuck, end up not living the life we dream of and so deep into our culture and belief system that we can't find our way out - in the IMUA programme you will open up the doors of possibility within. you and have a clear plan of action

First you start with Intention - being clear and specific about your needs and the results you want to achieve

At the end of the work, you will have clarity and a newfound determination, strength & knowledge to fulfill your dreams


What happens?

In a 90 - 120 minute Zoom call, we leave no stone unturned to tune into the solution to your needs, wants or desires. Here are some of the tools we will use in your session​

  • Body: Breathing, Chakra Balancing, Medical Intuitive, EFT, Crystals.

  • Mind: Hypnosis, NLP, Mindfulness, Meditation, Quantum Breathing, MAP (dreamscaping), Circle of Friends,Graphology,TLT,

  • Spirit: Spiritual Healing, Isis Codes, Card Reading, Divination, Light Language,