Specifically for YOU

ISIS Healing Codes


Do you feel out of balance?

Do you know you aren't functioning at your best?

Often when our body isn't working well or our mind is troubled, it can mean our energy body is out of balance. This is not an alternative to medical care, this is an acknowledgment that we are more than a physical being.

You might have heard of Reiki or other Energy Healing. ISIS codes are similar:

A gentle session, where you can just relax and breathe whilst I use my intuition and connection with Isis to rebalance your body and receive messages for you from Isis.

At the end of the session, you will be given a code (which looks like a symbol and is unique to you) and also a word which is not necessarily translatable into a known language.

You  continue to trace the code and use the word in meditation and in daily practice.

The session

This is a 20 - 30 minute session over the Zoom Platform

I ask that you don't drink alcohol or take over the counter pain relief prior to the session. 

During the session, you will sit or lay quietly focussing on your breath. You will agree to give up anything that is maintaining your presenting issue and then I use a variety of tools to scan your body and timeline (past and future) ISIS provides a clearing code and then a healing code and word. This is then shared with you along with any messages given. Please read the disclaimer at the foot of all pages.

The session costs £30

Isis  Healing Codes are not a 'quick fix'.

The first code is a clearing code, this is a subtle code that works behind the scenes to balance your energies and clear up any 'debris'.

When you trace the code and use the word together daily it maintains the activation and has powerful effect.

Healing requires a personal commitment to the process without pressure on time.