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Warriors of the Light Tribe Issue 5


Welcome, if this is your first time here do reach out and ask any questions and contribute your thoughts, experiences and opportunities to this space.

Being a Warrior of Light is your intrinsic nature, you came to earth in this body at this time with a clear purpose. This purpose may involve making something right from a past life, learning a new skill or having a shared experience with others. Your soul energy - the light within, calls you to live each day completely - it makes no judgement about you, your past or your future, you are free to ride the waves of life anyway you want. 

When you are ready to make that connection with your soul, the light within, then your all knowing or highest self will be able to connect you with your soul tribe who reside in Source Energy - some people refer to this as heaven. When you make this connection, your life will transform and you will grow like a flower opening, it is a beautiful sight. 

Belonging to a Tribe is a really important step and you are welcome to join this gentle online community of souls around our world. We are not a big tribe, we only meet once a month, but the energy and love we share enables us to support each other in more ways than seems possible. You can find the link to our meeting under Circle of Light.

Energy Central

Each month we explore the vibrational frequencies that impact us and earth 

The 3rd Eye Ajna Chakra: Here you will find the flowing indigo energy centre between your eyebrows - it links with your pineal gland and is a seat of knowledge. I'm sure you have had experiences where you know something so powerfully without any evidence that you are right. When you activate this 6th sense, you will elevate your earthly experience and open your heart, eyes, ears and senses to brand new experiences. This in many cases can spin your life around and find that you no longer think or behave in ways that you used to. This is the element of Light and as you know light is a vibration that enables us to see more clearly and communicate telepathically - the more you play with this light the more synchronicities occur and like the trees speak to each other through their roots - those who are connected are deeply rooted.

Goddess Isis Wisdom:  Can you imagine finding an old wizard's book, covered in dust  with a golden emblem on the front cover and the clasp holds a message in an unknown language? As you wipe away the dust the letters start to glow and you can read them clearly - although you have never spoken this language before you sound out the words as they come to light and you know exactly what they mean. You have become unlimited - powerful - with access to magical teachings that have been hidden from you. This is your 3rd eye chakra.

Crystal: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, or any other blue/purple crystal that makes your heart sing. Activate your crystal for mental clarity to support your decision making and deeper understanding. 

Circle of Light: Monday 3rd June

Members of the Light Tribe meet monthly on zoom. This is a contemporary space of healing and growth, whatever beliefs you hold will not be challenged and you make no commitments and are free to drop in whenever it suits you, this is a free event. The tribe builds new friendships here and grows in power and strength individually and collectively.

A warm welcome awaits you at our Circle of Light, the first monday of the month at 6pm London Time - 7 am NZ, and works well for the USA. This is a truly gentle space of loving kindness. Come along and meet other Warriors of Light. Here's the zoom link: Mani Pureheart will lead us in an exploration of the Anja Chakra

Keep scrolling for our directory of services and please share events that you are offering + special events so please make sure they are on the editor's desk by the 20th of each month - email with your contributions.

I ask that you share this letter with any friends and family that need to connect with like minded folk and include the link in your own newsletters to spread the word.


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Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

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Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Never give up: Kev Webster

Pocket Book Library 

A series of short affordable books to help you grow in power and strength with a plan for a summit in 2024

I am: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Renew: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning  Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Karen Taylor 

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The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

Do check these videos out, lots of really useful information and interesting people

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Kathy Zablotzky

I Speak With Animals

Susi Jones 2024© 

Please enjoy these channelled messages which are in the public domain, if you choose to quote from them please reference their source. See my facebook page for a daily message: SusiJones37

May 1st 


You have permission to dance in the rain, to lay on the floor, to wear wild clothes, to eat a whole packet of biscuits, to stand up for what you believe. You are sovereign over your life. As a warrior of light, the more you expand your horizons, the more passion and excitement you share with the world, the brighter your light. 

Your soul is larger than this life, it is eternal, it is love, it is joy, it is creative and it is expansive… you do not need permission from another to live this life - it is yours to choose. Today - give yourself permission to be wholly you and notice when you are living someone else's life. 



Nothing in life is predictable, there are always opportunities that will take you out of your comfort zone, there are always chance meetings, unusual experiences and accidents that shift perspective and direction. Even those who stalwartly live narrow lives are not exempt from life changes. 

Knowing this, you can see how exciting life truly is. If you imagine something - it has a high chance of happening, if you talk about something it has a high chance of occurring and the reason for this is because you are the architect of your own life and create these opportunities each day. 



SJ: In dreaming up a new world, I considered competition and how divisive it could be. I discovered that the latin root ‘competere’ translates to ‘strive together’. Working together not against one another. Then my mind flipped to ‘gladiators’ human fodder for rich men to compete with each other for money - not to strive together. And bringing that forward to today… how we are encouraged from nursery school to study raw, maybe the biggest competition we experience again with human fodder playing out the ‘game’. I brought this to meditation:

Raw ( read backwards) is the mastermind of megalomaniacs and as such is territorial and foundational to growth of wealth. It has always been this way - the sins of the fathers, greed and a poor sense of self. Unworthiness is a dis-ease, which leads to a maniacal search for peace without concern for anything outside itself. 

In source energy we strive together, there is no ego, no need to prove ourselves, we know ourselves, we know our ease, our struggles and our perceived flaws when we view our incarnation experiences. We are rooted in love for each other and the collective. We strive to support each other to overcome our struggles and work together collaboratively on new projects. Think of barn raising - it takes a whole community, the wedding quilts made for a young couple, the soil tilled and fruits shared by all: this is striving together.



You know the creation story, how earth, animals and  humans were created. You know this because you were told and then the question is how do you know it is true and secondly does it matter? When you ponder on the imponderable you waste opportunities to create. 

The creation story is unfolding every day, you are making it happen… you see changes to the land, attitudes and behaviours of all living things. This is creation and you are  on earth to fulfil your purpose as a creator. 

An aspect of creation is contrast, it is the way your eyes perceive and it is the way your heart knows. When you love you create a light around you and this dims until you fill your cup. Today shine your light on all those whose light has dimmed to remind them how it feels to be full of love.



Life is defined by perception, how you see and understand life is unique to you and everyone around you. For example if you hold hands in a circle 2 paces away from a tree, you will all see different aspects of the trunk. If you hold hands 20 paces away from the tree you will all see a different formation of the same tree and of course if you are laying down looking up at the tree or flying above it, it will appear differently to you all. 

In light of this, live your life and let others live theirs, give them space to see things differently, to understand life in all its forms as they understand it, and when you find accord celebrate that too. 

As a warrior of light you are not here to judge, you are here to experience and grow, don't get hung up on expecting anyone else to agree with you, just shine your light of love on them to illuminate their lives - the rest is up to them.

There is so much more to say on this subject - but this is not a book and many have been written. So write your name in the stars and love your version of reality and the deeper you go, the more exciting it will become.


Rise and Shine

Rise from your slumber and shine like the morning star. Every day, raise yourself higher, move forward in your purpose and celebrate every step. The vibrational energy you emit is so powerful in the collective. It doesn't matter your starting point or how high you have risen, don't compare yourself with others - the energy you radiate is just as powerful. 

Shine your light on all those around you, support life on earth in all its forms, release the spiders and flies from your home, set them free to live. If you accidentally kill a fly, pray for its essence to fly home. Understanding that each life form is as valuable and important in the collective is one aspect of ‘rising from your slumber’.


Resting spaces

When you look at the night sky, star studded, moon lit, consider that which you can't see - the spaces between the light. The energy between the stars is alive, it is rich with vibrational frequencies that emit freedom and liberty and opportunities for growth. These are resting spaces.

Every day, find time to be… Collect the energy from the stars, the sun, the moon, Gaia, until you are full. Let these resting spaces clear you of all the stresses and strains of life and direct you back to your path.



Your body is a fine tuned machine that requires tender care and good management. Consider what causes blockages in your body and mind and work towards loosening the dross. You understand that life force runs through your body and is aided by movement and flow, however you can move…move. However you can get into flow do so. Dance to music, sway like a tree and for the mind - visualise beautiful things, don't get bogged down with negative thoughts, choose imagination and fantasy.

Imagine you are a gazelle running and jumping around a glade, feeling the whisper of air upon your face and the soft grass beneath your feet. A youthfulness in play and a lightness of spirit will make you shine like the morning sun.


Earth’s Reset

When we travel beyond the stars, into a vast nothingness which feels like everything, then through a crepuscular indigo, to a new dawn and the brightest light where everything glows, we are no longer bound by flesh, no longer restricted by ego. Earth once more can breathe and burst forth with her song of love. 

Now we know and understand that all that is wrong will fade away, all that would bind our precious planet will cease to be and she will once again thrive. Our task complete, our intention paid off, we have fulfilled our purpose and loved our land into freedom.

Maybe just maybe we are guardians of Earth, nothing more or less?


The Path of Awakening

You cocoon yourselves in comfort, that is understandable as your awakening can go through some pretty rough patches. Well done for all paths you have taken to discover your magnificence. Today let us just focus on one small area. Take yourself through prayer or meditation to the seat of grace, to sit quietly with your guides and be shown your next path. This is not a river, this is a rivulet, a small stream that you may not even be aware of. Holding on to stories, hold us captive, it is time to be gentle with yourself and release these quietly and gently so you can carry on with life without having the rug pulled from underneath you. 

Yesterday we spoke of the new earth, you are getting ready for that, you are part of that resurrection story and we want you to be strong in your understanding and powerful in your day to day life. Wherever you are on your path, you are with the collective and now that is running more cohesively you can go at the same pace, there is no ‘catching up’ you are now flowing gently together and it is a beautiful sight.


Flowers made of candy floss

Today I went on a journey with my guides to a place that was light, bright and beautiful, it was as if everything was painted perfectly, yet it didn't feel real:

This is the image you have been given, one to aspire to, to hope for, to yearn for indeed, but that is not the truth and it is not why you are here (human race). 

You are here to bring light back to the planet earth, you are here to surrender to no one, to stop kowtowing to an illusion, you are here to overcome deceit, to rise above the fantasy and to ‘fight the good fight’... The good is love, to bring love back to Gaia, to bring beauty back to her. Yes she shows you her magnificence and calls you to understand her power and to allow her to breathe once again. 

When you connect with her, without the constraints of man made constructs you will hear her call, let her guide you, let the other creatures of earth show you what she needs and begin to live in harmony with her, with the seasons, with her ebbs and flows. 

SJ: The basic principles of ecology to live in harmony with our earth.


In the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye, everything changes, it morphs into new experience, nuance and understanding. You are living in a world that only knows change and everything changes at the speed of light. If this is accepted there can be no regret, no thing that should not have been, no thing that was wrong. Each moment is an experience, each experience is a doorway, each doorway leads you ever forward in your existence. You are the result of each doorway, each step along the path and when you look back in your minds eye, know that each blink of the eye was a choice, maybe not one you made this lifetime, but another, maybe one that was created by a nudge that you followed through… relax more about the choices you made - that was then, this is now and tomorrow will offer new opportunities that you haven't even considered today.


Vast emptiness

When you turn off the noise, journey through the dark plains to find a resting place, where you can sit and acclimate to the sounds and frequencies of silence, then you will find peace. If you travel without intention or need beyond the desire to ‘be’, each cell of your being can relax, time has stood still and peace and contentment reigns. Tension and disease have no place here, this is a place of silent healing and transformation where the frequency of love is potent.



When you feel overwhelmed by your todo list, the state of your world, the information that streams into your life. STOP - yes simply stop the stream of information and thoughts.

Stand back from it all, give yourself time to assimilate and discern.

As you find comfort in your breath, space in the silence, you will begin the process of filtering, allowing the dross to fall away and the information that is valid to be highlighted. 

Stay in this place to restore your equilibrium and when you are aware of your power then take action.



What are you waiting for? This is life, every moment of it, don't wait for life to happen, make it happen. You might not have the car you want or the house or job you want, or maybe you are waiting to meet the love of your life, life will still happen. So waiting for something is like expecting to win the lottery without buying a ticket - you have to go out and create the life you want. And remember your wants and needs change like the wind, so be flexible, allow life to ebb and flow, whatever circumstance you find yourself in - change is inevitable and if it's a desire then take action today towards the light you dream of.


If time stood still

Can you imagine if we had the capacity to freeze frame, go forward or backward, to restore to our blueprint, to undo what we wish we hadn’t, to create what we want in the future? How would you use this skill?

Everything is connected and it is only your linear minds that prevent you knowing that you have the capacity to make changes in time. Let your imagination play with this, use this possibility in your dreamtime, in your prayer or meditation time. Go back to a memory and replay it making the changes you want for today. Rewind, reverse and replay the stories that hold you captive. You are a magical being with far more capacity than you have the imagination for. 


Stepping stone

When you are crossing a stream you need to carefully navigate the stepping stones to get to the other side. As a warrior of light, on your path, notice who and what are there to aid you in your journey. A stepping stone relationship, a stepping stone home, car, job, friendship etc. 

When we are showing you the way, we will place opportunities in your way to guide your path and here lies the issue that at times you mistake the ‘stepping stone opportunity’ for  permanency. 

When you ‘go with the flow’ you know that life is an ever evolving journey and new people, places and opportunities will be an important part of that journey. 


Pillar of Light

Take a moment today to stand on the earth, unhurried, take your breath full into your belly, hold and release. Repeat until you find your centre. Imagine that you are standing in a tube of light reaching deep down into Earth and high up to the cosmos. Breathe full breaths into your belly allowing the light to enter you through every pore. Notice your thoughts, words or visions and play with them, allowing for these few short moments in your day the world and all its pressures to fall away. Knowing that you are connected to earth and all that is in this moment of time. Sensing that all of your lifetimes are in this moment of now and all the learning is there for you. Pulling in all the love that is always there for you until every molecule in you is aligned to  Christ Light energy = crystalline energy, love in its purest form. 


I am drenched in love

The power of words is so misunderstood, whatever language you speak is encoded to you, even if you speak many languages, these hold unique and powerful codes that enable you to choose the life you want.

You have heard of mantra and affirmation and these are powerful ways to train yourself into making new choices for your lives. By repeating these words in meditation and throughout the day, your body will begin to flow with them.

As a Warrior of Light accustomed to the ways of the spirit, you can further enhance the power of words by encoding them into your everyday language, using symbols, metaphors and images to communicate the light of love, you can play with the energetic frequencies all around you by infusing them with love.  

Today when you are in meditation or prayer, hold your cupped hands facing each other and begin to sense the energy between them, then create a ball of energy until it feels like you are actually playing with a physical element. Colour the energy between your hands and when you are ready you can hold that energy and push it into your body wherever you need it.

SJ: the ‘mantra’ I was given to share is in the past tense - I am drenched in love. As you walk through your day, know this - you are and always have had love in its purest form within you.



I expect that you will read this with curiosity

I expect that you will read to the end

I expect that you will … (fill in the gap)

When we hold expectations of ourselves or others this is a good thing, however when these are unrealistic, unreasonable, or not rooted in love then they can bind you into failure and impact your self belief.

When you describe yourself as worthy - there is a belief and expectation that you act towards yourself and others in notable ways. You are laying the ground for people to understand and respect you and creating a vibrational magnetism for this. Conversely if you believe bad things about yourself - you will magnetise more of this.

Take a moment today to consider your expectations of self, close family and friends and those whose life you touch. A simple question: What do you want for yourself/them to grow in personal power, strength and health?


Social Isolation

There are times when it is good to be alone, to find your balance, to communicate with your highest self, guides, angels and your God. There are times where solitude is a powerful opportunity to reach into the depths of your being to grow, heal and transform. 

BUT you are a soul, who is part of a group, part of the whole and connected in ways a linear mind cannot imagine. You are designed to collaborate, to connect to live in community and grow with others. It is in relationship with others that you walk new paths, explore new avenues, find and give support and know that you are loved. 

Find your tribe and invite others into your tribe, let them know who you are, where they can meet with you and don't leave others by the wayside in isolation. Pray for opportunities and your soul tribe will find them for you.

SJ: IF you are in isolation, it isn't easy to ask for help so offer to help instead, look for ways to connect with as many people as possible and heal our land with your love 


Creature Comforts

As a bird will tend a nest through many hours of searching for the right materials and laying them in specific patterns to their needs, so must a Warrior of Light tend to their resting places. Their homes, villages, towns and landmasses need nurture and care and warriors it is within your remit to tend to these needs. Each location you find yourself in, create resting places, community places, where families can grow, communities can support each other and neighbours can become family. 

Do not leave your elderly and infirm to live uncomfortable and lonely lives, join together to share meals, to tend the land and find harmony through laughter and tears.

In your own space, create a quiet sanctuary of peace and harmony and fill it with beautiful things to stimulate your mind and create welcome to those who visit. Let your larders be full of enticing foods that nurture your body and your spirit and share these generously with others. 

For in this harmonious life you will grow in power and strength and health will return to Earth and all its inhabitants. 

This is the new earth you long for.


Speculation & Truth

Your world is full of smoke and mirrors, stories and diversions that are created to cause derision, division and confusion. As a Warrior of Light, some are called to work within that darkness to bring about the Truth and most are called to work with the Truth. 

The Truth is simply love, when your actions are based in love and the outcome of your actions bring healing, health and wellbeing to earth and its inhabitants then you know that the light is shining.

Speculating on smoke and mirror stories is harmful unless the story leads to Truth as defined here. 

Base your life on Truth, every day, pray for our world, those caught up in the darkness and those who bring light and truth despite the derision it brings. Look after your body, mind and spirit and serve your community in the best way you can. Do not get caught up in gossip or speculative discussions, keep a purity of love deep within your heart and trust that ‘we have you’ and are working with you in your quest for a new earth.



Can you imagine that one aspect of you is repeated throughout the universe? That one pattern is in every living thing? This is the simple way to understand that you are connected to everything. Earth, Animals, Plants, Insects and Humans and wider in other planets in our Universe. 

When you hurt one living thing you are hurting yourself. When you love another you are loving yourself.

You are a guardian of your planet, so deeply connected to earth and when it is your time to leave you carry the imprint, the learning and the energy of earth with you into your next life. 

As a Warrior of Light you are called to bring Light into this earth to lead your fellow inhabitants in the way of Love. When you bring the Light of the Universe through your body you are healing yourself  - this is the beauty of fractals.


Body Language

Look after yourself - your body shares the language of love and will direct you to the areas where you are out of alignment with love. It will show you your blocks by providing you with a signal, you might call this pain. Communicate with your body as you would with a lover, shower your body with affection and feed it all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong. Your body is a partner in your life experience, it will last you as long as your soul needs to walk upon the earth. Your body is not a temple to be worshipped, it is not a God that must be obeyed, it is simply a vehicle of your life here on earth. IF your soul chose a body that does not work so well, then know that there is a purpose and accept what you cannot change, if your life has caused your body not to work so well, then know you can make changes to that through prayer, meditation and working with your soul group. When you breathe, breathe into the fullness of your breath, bringing the air deep into your organs, let this breath carry all the love and healing your body needs and in your mind's eye ‘see’ the organs repairing themselves. 

And as you traverse through life, hold yourself with power and strength, head up and face the world with intention and love. You will begin to feel different if you let your posture express the language of love.


Love at the core

To understand the power of love you must go to the source, the wellspring, yes it is in every cell of your being, it is fundamental to your life - you are created with love. This doesnt mean the joining of two people to create life, this means the very essence of who you are. Love is an element and as fundamental to life as air and water.

Knowing this and knowing that all forms of life are built from love must guide your thoughts and your responses to experience. When you leave your body, love goes with you that is how deeply connected you are to love. It is in the air you breathe, the water you drink, it is refined by fire and is fundamental to earth to produce living things.

Today as you experience life in all its myriad of wonder, hold love at your core and reflect upon your day with an ever deeper gratitude for life.



Warriors of Light - to lose someone or something is a painful step along your journey. Take time to assimilate the change, the loss, the hoped for. Take this time to re- align yourself with love, like a bottle of champagne once shook needs time to settle before opening - you need to take that time to heal.

Each step along your path brings new opportunities and you can carry your memories in your heart without them preventing you from fully engaging in life. Stride out with power and intention every day - bump into life and find that spark again. The world needs you and you have much more to learn and to share. 



Do you wake up to a new day excited and open to new opportunities? Whatever prison you might find yourself in, you can use the creative imagination of thought to generate exciting new discoveries about yourself or the world around you. This is the way of the Warrior of Light, constantly in a state of discovering new and exciting ways to bring Light and Love to earth. 

Today, take a moment of calm contemplation to manage your thoughts and keep them in the direction of growth and love. 


In the name of the Father

Warriors of Light do not fight, blame, curse or maim because of the God they worship or the leaders of their landmass. Love is the name of the Father and it is Love that they share - this is not the romantic love that much is written about, this is pure essence love. When you use this in undiluted form you create miracles of healing and transformation. 

Today connect to the undiluted source of love that is within you and spread your Light. You have an infinite supply and it will guide you to all truth and support you through any difficulty. 


The Impact of Vibrational Energy

Every tree, flower, bug, house, office, shop, thing, animal and human have a vibrational frequency, imagine if they were notes being played by different instruments in an orchestra. Finely tuned harmonies creating expertise through familiarity, now add a new instrument and note and discord will upskittle the harmony. 

This is what happens when you traverse the land, you shape the air with your particular frequency, if your frequency is energetic then it will create ripples that jar with those whose frequency is calm and laid back. Navigating with unique codes create a musical score that not everyone will appreciate, but it is in this very discord that growth occurs. 

Warriors of Light - learn your frequency and how it impacts others and learn to shape your world in harmonious ways when that's what it needs or discordant ways when it needs shaking up.

SJ: If the concept of sound does not resonate with you - swap this out for colour.


Love Conquers

Whatever hardship you are facing today, love conquers. Create a flow of love from the Universe and pour all the love inside you out to your community and you will heal. Look outwards rather than inwards and the hardship will not be the focus of all your thoughts. 

In your quiet moments of prayer or meditation, you can bring your needs to the seat of grace to seek guidance, do your best to leave the hardships there for your guides, angels, God and highest self to find the right path for you and fill you with love.

SJ: These words were echoing around my head whilst I was channelling the message for today: Beloved we are gathered here on Earth to rise above the hardships, to elevate each other and to heal the land. We meet on Monday at 6pm London time on Zoom to ‘gather together to heal ourselves and the land’ . You are more than welcome. Just ask for the link in the comments.

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