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The Goddess Isis has a message for you at this time and we have been writing a book together. I am a student with Hay House and the proposal is with them now. 

Follow the Youtube icon to explore the writing process

and some of the content... although I have been remiss of late! I promise I will get back it you... there are several videos to watch.

Also ask to join Isis Wisdom, the private Facebook Group where Isis shares her wisdom daily 

Unveiling the Magic of YOU


Unveiling the Magic of YOU

A Journey of Transformation brought to you by Goddess Isis in 6 beautiful stages. 

Girl Behind a Curtain

Drawing Back the Veil

The Second Stage: You are like a beautiful gift wrapped in a thousand layers of wrapping paper, each layer needs to be carefully unwrapped, lovinging removed to reveal the wonderful gift that you are to the world


Climbing the Highest Mountain

The Fourth Stage:  is like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, a chick breaking out of its shell, this is an awakening to the magnificence of life without fear, life without greed and life without controls.

Sunrise Mount Fuji

Shining Bright

And finally: The Sixth Stage: You are becoming a radiant beacon of light and love, and this brings you to your highest purpose: to serve. Service is a privilege and an honour when it is born of Love. 

Smiling Model

Unwrapping the Mystery & Magic of YOU

From wherever you stand right now the journey begins. There are many layers to your existence, many stories that define you and you are perfect just as you are. 

You find yourself here because you know there is more. It is in the experience of ‘knowing’ that you will discover how incredibly magnificent you are. And here you will learn how to enter into Mystery, a beautiful place that is always accessible to you. Let us begin


Wandering through the Forest

The Third Stage: You are not alone, you are deeply connected to ALL that IS in the universe, there is nothing that separates you beyond your mind. As you journey in the forest you will uncover more layers of the magic or magnificence of you and learn new ways to navigate the human experience


Resting in Shallow Waters

The Fifth Stage: Amidst all of the transformation in this journey, the steps and stages you have taken and will continue to take throughout your life, here is your time to be. Making time for the inner work outside of the conscious mind to gently and lovingly maintain flow and to be fully engaged in your connection to ALL that IS

Calm Waters
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