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Susi Jones

 Wisdom Keeper, Spiritual Healer, Channel & Guide and Bringer of Light


ONLY when we have touched the flame of longing, of despair and hurt and found the purpose of our being ,can we truly find joy, passion, love and peace.

Then we are compelled to share these gifts with others.

I am compelled.....


I know that each person on this planet has more potential than they realise. 

I know that we are a community, dependant on each other to raise our children, care for our elders and to build sustainable futures together

I also know that there is not one soul on this planet that hasn't 

experienced some trauma and that the ripples from that trauma still play out in our lives.

I believe

We are infinite, spiritual beings having an earthly experience

I believe

Everything is in Perfect Order


I believe

We have power, knowledge and wisdom inside us already 

I desire

That we come together to heal ourselves and each other


Much of the wisdom I hold is from learning and experience.

In daily meditation and spiritual work, I connect with many guides, including family members who are in spirit. 

For many years I worked with Maia - teaching me about the illusion of self. Maia continues to support my own healing

I began working with The Goddess Isis in January 2021, although we had been building our connection for some time before.

Isis often presents as a petite ordinary woman, I find her to be humble and gentle, with the most direct way of getting straight to the heart of the matter.  She is teaching me how she healed people and transformed their lives. she has a plan for a sacred healing course and I look forward to sharing that with you in 2022 

Recently I was introduced to a guide named Wandering Horse and we are connecting to bring forward more wisdom

There are certain things I am prone to say: 

Love is the absence of Fear

When we enter into the mystery of Love, we are transformed and Fear no longer holds us captive


When we are at Peace within ourselves, we can ride the storms of life. We open our ears and hearts to others without judgment or expectation

Everything is in Perfect Order 

Even when that makes no sense - work as if its indeed the truth 


The best way to discover who I am, how I work and the gifts I bring is to get to know me.

Join in our Circle of Light or get in touch for a discovery call


I have worked in the transformation industry all my life, within the NHS, Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes as Clinician and Manager

I am a trained Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Healer

I use many gifts and years of training to provide a bespoke service to all. 

My spiritual gifts have been within me for a lifetime for which there are no qualifications 

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