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#2022: A reading for the Collective

Every Years End I create a variety of ceremonies to reflect on the passing and future year. To make plans, to dream dreams and to get a heads up about the challenges that might create opportunity for transformation.

I offer this as an individual service, but this year after a lengthy meditation, I was guided to read for us all.

Every month I will share the channeled message I received with each card and add any new insights along with them.

January 2022

The Wheel of Fortune KEY WORD: CHOICE

Unsurprisingly this card has turned up in this position in the last 2 readings. I would take this as a powerful sign that we are making our own choices in 2022.

This card represents a Great Opportunity to choose who you want to be, how you want to present to the world and what you want to achieve in the world and you can set your stall out for the year ahead.

When you look at the image in the card - what are you drawn to? Take time out this month to really decide who you want to be: it might be that you always dreamt of being an artist - this would be a good month to sign up to a class and buy some materials.

And How do you want to present yourself to the world? maybe its time to find a personal trainer, or stylist, or spiritual guide?

And what do you want to achieve? Really take time out to 'dream/imagine/plan' your year ahead and create a vision board or mind map to keep you focussed.

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