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Warriors of the Light Tribe #Issue 4

Welcome, if this is your first time here do reach out and ask any questions and contribute your thoughts, experiences and opportunities to this space.

Life has been rather hectic in the Jones household as new beginnings take shape and art once again becomes my focus.

We are welcoming Spring to the Northern Hemisphere and enjoying the lighter nights and more colourful landscape. My daily channelling has become a great strategy for health and wellbeing and opening me up to new ways of thinking. I include 2 x months contributions at the end of the letter for your enjoyment.

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Anxiety to Calm: Debbie Waller & Rae Waller

Never Give Up:

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Energy Central

Each month we will explore the vibrational frequencies that impact us and earth 

The Throat Chakra: This is the fifth chakra and is the centre of communication, when this is blocked we struggle to speak openly and honestly and this can cause health problems - I for one had major blocks in the throat chakra and have to work to keep it open and to allow the energy to flow. 

Goddess Isis Wisdom:  In this wheel of spinning energy, you can shine, you can stand up, express yourself and let yourself go. Singing, chanting, sighing, laughing and telling stories are all creative forces that keep the energy flowing. If you have secrets that cannot be shared, then share them with your soul group, your highest wisdom, your angels, your God - speak openly and honestly with them and maintain your power through silence in the world. When you recognise that it is time to speak your truth, go gently without expectation and ensure you speak with people who will not close you down.

Crystal: Blue: Lapis Lazuli or other blue stones may help you balance your throat chakra. Attuning a crystal to your energy enables you to use it as an anchor, keep a blue stone in your pocket and when you need a boost of confidence to speak - squeeze the stone and feel the energy it emits.

Circle of Light: Monday 6th May

Members of the Light Tribe meet monthly on zoom. This is a contemporary space of healing and growth, whatever beliefs you hold will not be challenged and you make no commitments and are free to drop in whenever it suits you, this is a free event. The tribe builds new friendships here and grows in power and strength individually and collectively.

A warm welcome awaits you at our Circle of Light, the first monday of the month at 6pm London Time and works well for the USA. This is a truly gentle space of loving kindness. Come along and meet other Warriors of Light.

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Earth is a capsule, everything in it is recycled and reused. The water you drink, the air you breathe is the same water and air, the delicate balance of earth is the capacity to renew and refresh itself. As a human being, imagine all of the words, the love, the hate, the fear, the anger and the sadness remains and is recycled… This is why it is important that you heal those wounds so that the energy of them is transmuted. Unwillingness to heal means that many have lost their way and are regurgitating the pain of the past. When a soul returns to source they can clear the way, they do the work and cleanse themselves and many eagerly await an opportunity to return to make amends.


In the world but not of the world

You are a soul incarnate, you are a powerhouse, a wisdom keeper and creator. In source energy your infinite capacity is limitless, remember this today. 

There are those that would dumb you down, silence you, destroy you, because they recognise that you are more powerful than them, don’t give them wiggle room to get under your skin. Be consciously aware of their tactics and remain connected to your soul energy with intention to impart love to earth and all its inhabitants (including those that have lost touch with their soul) 



I was speaking to the soul of my mother about our lives and I asked her about attachment from her current perspective, this was a long conversation and here is a précis:

When a soul returns to source energy, we take the form of the human they knew to support them to process their incarnation on earth. Many return shattered by their experience of life and death and need a great deal of support. Once they have integrated their learning, they continue their experience as a soul and the path they choose to follow. At any point in time the soul energy can pull memory from any of their life experiences and appear as they were then with full recall. 

In short, attachment is a human experience and soul is a singular form within a cooperative collective.


Appointed v. disappointed

Often our life is planned out before us, by cultural and religious expectations, many experiences determine what we appoint for our lives. This soul described how they had appointed their lives and how these expectations came to being but didn't turn out as appointed. This created feelings of disappointment and as he reflected upon his life he showed me how that embittered him. Now as a soul that has returned to source, his chosen path is that of a teacher of souls who are about to incarnate, I would have loved to sit in on his class.

As a Warrior of Light this soul's guidance can help us to understand those that are embittered by life and in our own lives offer a greater understanding of our disappointments and how to guard against them.


Don't attach yourself to the outcome

Be fully present in each experience, drink every last drop of learning from the experimental life that you lead - you are in a constant state of discovery, one that will bring you joy without expectation and shift the earth beneath your feet. Enter into everything with love as your intention and you will not go wrong, even if the outcome is rejection, consider all that you have learned and celebrate that. 


Living a meditative life

A meditative life invokes peace and calm into every moment, it speeds reconciliation, it makes way for peace between brothers and sisters, it enables peaceful resolutions and speeds balance after a fall, or complex difficulty. Taking time without your stories in silence, clear of expectation or want, finding beauty in the small things and noticing, noticing people, energies, specks of light, the caterpillar, the tiny buds on the trees and ending the day in gratitude for all the beauty of life. The meditative life fills you with love and the more love in you the brighter you shine and the greater your opportunities will be to spread the love.


Frame it

Understanding the framework of life can help you chart the path without fear and with ease. The framework is quite simple, you see it in nature, you see it in yourself and you can understand it in others. You are infinite beings, that means although you are born, live and die in the body you have assumed, you are not the body. Your body is but a vehicle of your life, your body is a servant of your spirit/soul. With this in mind, you can live each day in freedom, even if you are imprisoned, your spirit has no boundaries. The more you live in ‘spiritual energy’ the more freedom you will experience, the gentler your path and the more love you will engender. 


Mind your words

I met with a soul who was still in process, they described how they were called ‘devil’ at school and how this led them “down a very dark path”. They didn't elaborate as the power of the message was already shared. 

As a warrior of light, it is imperative that we mind our words, even when we are righteously angry. How we speak to ourselves and others is the mark of a great warrior of light.



Everything in life is temporary - consider the life cycle of a tree that can live far beyond your lifespan, the buds that form, the flower, the fruit, the seed carried on the wind and the possibility of new life and ultimately the death of the tree. 

Whatever worries beset you at this time, know that this is temporary and it will pass and you will get through, you will transform from this day to the next and it will all work out.

Going back to the tree, they stand tall and proud - but beneath the soil they are deeply rooted and intrinsically connected to all plant life and when a tree is dying the surrounding trees send energy and love to aid its process - they have even found that the stumps cut down by man have energy flowing through their roots. 

So today - go deep, connect to the source of all love and let your light shine quietly, or brightly whichever you choose.



The concept of mother is deeply ingrained in your culture and understanding. The child bearer and caregiver are roles that bear the highest rewards. To raise a child to be the best they can be requires intention and love at the core. You are honoured by the soul that chose you to take on these roles, as you were a perfect fit for their purpose of incarnating on earth. So as you look at your mother and your caregiver, know that they are pivotal to your lessons here on earth and IF you were chosen, look upon this child as the greatest gift that you receive in this lifetime. 



Can you drift easily into a place where silence reigns? 

Where the incessant noise of machines cease, where the stories you regurgitate and the vibrational frequencies of electronic wifi devices are locked in a void? 

Then you will know silence… and in this powerful space you will open the door to all knowledge, wisdom and power and will be freed for those moments from fear, cause and concern. 

What would you gain from a regular practice of silence? What will you achieve in life without the pressure to do?Making that determination, you can choose to take these precious moments of stillness and make them important and see them as more productive than racing to the next task. 

This is the key to making that deep and powerful connection with your soul energy to guide you through the ups and downs of life on earth.

And my personal reflection:

Sitting here in the emptiness and void of all that makes me human, I look upon the face of my soul energy, I merge effortlessly with its wisdom and foresight, I experience a love that is so enriching and divine that I can barely move with the power of it, There are no words - just telepathy, no touch or embrace, but I am full and in this moment I know my power and purpose and find excitement to return to my human form to dance with life again.


Beck and Call

Who is pulling your strings? Who is charting your path? Who is determining who you are, what you wear, where you live and what work you are doing? 

And then a question for you - and Why are you letting others determine your worth or your actions?

You are an independent life force, you have the right to make choices and make mistakes, you have the right to chart your path. Today truly focus on where you are today and why you are doing what you are doing. Focus on all that brings distraction and information to you and meticulously examine your ‘truth’. What would you stand up in court and defend, even if it risked your own life experience?

Then and only then, determine what you want and make small changes to achieve it. No radical actions without connecting with your soul energy and gaining guidance and support from your soul group and your earthly tribe.


Gold dust

I was speaking with a soul who recently transitioned to see how they were. They were very excited and said that they had no idea how important life on earth was. They said that every experience, thought, action, feeling etc are like gold dust, highly prized. Their final words were ‘the fear of death should not stop you living’.

This made me think of the Woodstock lyric ‘we are stardust, we are golden’


Hard to swallow

Some things come across your path that feel too hard to swallow, so alien that you want to reject every aspect of it. Nothing comes across your path without a reason, there is always a lesson, a diversion or a redirection. When this happens, view it through the lens of curiosity - examine it as you would if you encountered a new creature, stand back and view it from different angles. Those in darkness throw shadows to create fear and chaos - use the same model to navigate all aspects of life.



Jesus was a radical extremist, he challenged the ruling faith, the powers that be and his simple truth was that Love is the Way. He challenged the dogged rigidity, ideology and interpretation of scriptures which bound the people and for this he lost his life. 

Love has no division

Love is inclusive 

Love does not incite antagonism

And as Warriors of Light, this is all you are called to do, to find the shadow in yourself by lighting it up. Do not put yourself on the cross because you have failed, or made a mistake, first acknowledge, make amends and forgive yourself. 

When we hold ourselves prisoners of our own mistakes we obscure the light.

Today, let go of judgement and replace it with kindness. We are all doing the best we can with the resources we have so make way for our fellow travellers on planet earth today.



A warrior of Light has a lightness of spirit, even through the harder, darker times. They cultivate joy and curiosity in each encounter and are not swayed into darkness. They are able to achieve a flow state because they are so powerfully connected to their soul energy and operate only from love, even when there is a need to challenge.

Today welcome opportunities into your life that allow you to experience lightness of spirit and see how it lights up your life.


The secret to successful relationships is Love, love rather than fear, love rather than need, love rather than desire. Having fun rather than stripping back all the hurt, taking action together rather than judgement, listening rather than predicting and asking rather than mindreading. Joy in the small things and moments shared and bouncing back together from difficult challenges and dreaming together. Knowing your oneness and celebrating uniqueness. Laughing together and moving forward every day. Holding space whilst allowing time for process and time for shared intimacy every day. And loving yourself completely.


Banish the foe

Stand up for yourself, stand up for your fellow man, stand up for your rights, stand up for what you believe. A warrior of light must stand firm in themselves, which means banishing the foe of doubt, of fear, of hurt, of hatred and then they can lift the banner of love in every situation. When facing a challenge, bring the energy of it to prayer or meditation and lift the banner of love over it. This will guide you towards a powerful, loving response that will give you the best outcome.


Fill your cup

Every day take the time to fill your cup - to draw from the waters of spirit to overflow with love and to absorb the energy we send you. Once you open these floodgates, once you know what you can't unknow, you have access to everything you need. Prioritise time with spirit and prize it higher than trivial pursuits. You can snatch time throughout the day to ‘top up’ with the fruits of the spirit: patience, peace, healing, joy, excitement, curiosity, foresight, intuition etc. Whatever you need is there for you and when your cup is overflowing you can share your gifts with others.


U turn

Have you ever found yourself hurtling down a path and beginning to question whether you are going in the right direction? Slow down…. Take a moment to breathe and ask yourself some serious questions. Sometimes we are pushed down a path ( a belief, a way of thinking, a course of action) by others - often with the best will in mind. BUT this is not their life, this is yours and you have come here with a purpose and it is starting to bubble in you and each of those bubbles are designed to ‘wake you up’ to your own magnificence. (the soul who is speaking: “I went on with the path of self destruction which led to my death, partly because I needed to belong and mostly because of the terror of my childhood, there were signs on the path that I ignored, angels were sent to help but I fought them ( friends, neighbours, workers). I didn't fulfil my life plan and will return again to do that and to learn the lessons from that life.”


Allowing the energy to flow

When you make a connection with All that is… universal energy flows through you, if you are in pain or struggling then there is an energy block. First use your imagination to remove the block - see the energy as a stream of light flowing through the pain. Then use your curiosity to carve through the pain - “what if I could just…” and then MOVE the body a little more every day. Clapping, stretching, singing, dancing your feet, sighing, laughing etc.

In the density of the body you can shine brighter every day as you heal yourself from within. If you are oversized, stop concerning yourself with that, focus on movement and filling yourself with good things. The body goes where the mind leads, so lead it with energy flow however you perceive that and notice the glow from within seeping out of every pore.


Sins of the Fathers

You are a conglomeration of all you have learned and experienced in this life and if you believe it previous lives. You carry the genetic footprint of your parents and their parents, your attitudes, responses, beliefs  and behaviours are a product of the past. STOP and re-read that. 

Now consider if any doubts and worries, fears and pains are anything to do with your life right now? Next time you say “I can't’. I should, I shouldn’t, I must, I mustn’t” know that this is the programming that holds you captive. (SJ: it also may be keeping you safe and be a positive response so be wise)

Debride yourself of anything that no longer serves you, to make room for Love, acceptance, joy and resilience. 

Notice and question everything and congratulate yourself every day, this is a lifelong journey of discovery and you are doing great.

You are surrounded by positive light force energies and we are always available to you in every situation without judgement. 


Magic Moments

Somewhere in every day there are magical moments, unexpected sounds, sights or feelings, memories that keep flooding back and joys that are there for the taking. I lived for a very short time, but in that time I learned how to experience magic - that was my purpose. Could I find magic in every situation? Even though my body let me down, my mind was alert and my soul had full reign within me and we sought out the opportunities for magic and where we couldn't find them, we created them. Seeing shadows, tree branches and clouds as magical creatures. FInding the fun and mystery in everything…try it - it will change your life. Oh and don't worry about dying, its a magical carpet ride - and then it is pure magic.


Resting on a cloud

Take time to stand and stare, to dream, to get lost in silence, to turn off the chatter of the day and to stop the world spinning so fast. This is how you find balance in your frantic world. Learn from the animals, who hunt and rest, who sing their songs and hover on the breeze, your house animals who sleep and play. Take time to observe the path of an ant, the movement of one tree branch, the rolling of the clouds. This is the joy of the artist, the poet and the author, their muse, their inspiration. This is the way of the Warrior of Light - converting energy into Light.


The thrill of the ride

The opportunity to be alive right now: one of the most thrilling and exciting times on earth is a prize. You are blessed to experience the major shifts that are happening. You can choose where you focus - fear or thrill - both have much learning within them.  If you choose fear then it will dim your light,, thrill raises your vibration and therefore the light that shines from you and others will catch your glimmer. Opportunities for learning are at their highest and how you navigate today and every day are valuable lessons for you and all. Enter into today with curiosity and joy and see where it leads - new pastures, new experiences, like tendrils reaching out across the earth linking with each other( SJ and strengthening the planet)



Justice is a human concept, to make judgement upon others is human control. As warriors of light - you are not a judge or a jury, you are Love. In source energy - where souls cooperate and collaborate, there is only Love. Yes there is learning, yes there is debate and different ways to perceive things, but there is only ever love at the core. As you navigate today - notice when you are operating in love, and if you find yourself out of love, then notice - don't ‘judge yourself’ just pour love back into it and see what happens.



When you see or imagine light coursing through your body, you engender healing. Wherever there is light there is transformation. Only in the shadows (ignoring needs, not caring for your body, moving it, feeding it and watering it) do you become out of balance and out of alignment with health. Living consciously through active intention to shine your light into the dark places will bring healing and peace to yourself and the wider community.


Love language

The language of the heart is a powerful code, even if the words are unspoken, even if the receiver is on the other side of the planet, those codes travel faster than the speed of light. When you bring love from source through you for someone else, you vibrate with these codes and heal yourself, then the love codes are transmitted to the other.

Whether or not the recipient is aware of this downpouring, the codes are downloaded into their cells. The pathways through which these codes travel are vibrating with these codes and together you create a network of love around and through the planet.

The language is intention and whatever language you speak, or if you choose light language the impact is the same. We will speak more about the language of angels.


Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge …and have not charity, I am nothing.

(SJ: these words came to me as I was meditating on Good Friday)

Whoever you are, however lofty you might be - without charity you are nothing. This isn't exactly true - you are a divine being who is lost, who has misunderstood your role and purpose. Charity is a voluntary act and Christ’s death was a voluntary act to show you the way, to show you how to live and be willing to die. You are called to live each moment of this life with power and purpose, setting yourself free every day to love without boundary. The Easter story unfolds as you consider what it means for you individually and collectively and for those who follow a different way, your prophets and scriptures will have shown you their way to charity. 



Allowing space in your life is the way to create harmony and balance. Space can take the form of solitude, quiet, creativity or time in nature. This space will allow your spirit to connect powerfully with your highest intention and clear out the debris that is holding you captive. 

Fill yourself with love every day to ‘flush out’ day to day concerns and worries, this will change your perspective and make space for new opportunities.


The veil removed

The story of Easter reveals the truth about life - that of eternal life. You are an infinite being, this doesn't mean your body is infinite, but your soul is. The life force continues in energetic form. 

Whatever story you have believed if it is not of love, then it is not. 

When Jesus rose from the tomb - it wasn't a magic trick, it wasn't to scare people, it was to ‘evidence’ the truth and help people understand that death is a passageway from one form to another. 

SJ: Whether you are celebrating the Christian or Commercial festival, take a moment to connect to your infinity today.



Turning off the noise

Bliss is achieved through a process of intention and action. Making the decision to stop the world turning and giving yourself permission to breathe. I had a really difficult time with this and when I transitioned it was my intention to find the key to shutting off the noise. The breath is the first action, full deep belly breathing, counting then just breathing. Allowing the hum that remains to dissipate takes a long time so be patient, start noticing the body, small twinges, sensations, bring in the light and the more you do this you will sense a weightlessness and a sensation of floating. You might notice a scent or taste as you release your energy body and notice the glow that envelops you and now you are ready to fully release. In this state you can travel. Where you choose to travel is completely up to you - in your mind, to the past, to the future, to source energy or simply to stay still because that is your greatest need.


You are the Light of the World

Whatever your skill set, whatever your past, you can use all these experiences to bring light to the world. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to be bright, just shine your light in your own way. Light is very simply Love. Find something lovely in every person so that you can merge your light with theirs then they will have more light. Some people only have the smallest flicker of light left, this causes them to be hard to love or like. Bring those people to attention and just pour lovelight from source energy into them - that will lead them to the path of transformation.


Find your peace in every situation

As a warrior of light - one of the many who shine bright in this world, you will find yourself faced with difficult situations, impossible maybe. These challenges will teach you a great deal about yourself, why they are there is the first question, what attracts you to them is the second and the third is what transformation can this challenge bring for you?. This means that you can begin to look at challenges from a very different perspective, you can approach with peace and curiosity, this eradicates fear and frustration and helps you shine a brighter light onto the challenge. 

Mantra for today “I am the architect of my life and I invite…(peace, abundance, truth, love, calm etc) into my day”



In your human experience there are events that have caused pain, loss or lack of freedom to choose. As warriors of light, you are called to look forward and to move in the direction of your dreams. This does not mean you must ignore the events that are holding you back, these need attention and in some cases action. If each painful event is brought into the light, love poured into it and the learning received, then you are at the place where you have recovered your health, restored your faith or come to a place of acceptance of loss. Recovery is an ongoing process and layer upon layer will be processed throughout your life. Treat yourself with kindness and respect as you do this work and notice the small steps forward towards your dreams with each action you take. You are a beautiful source of knowledge and experience and every moment is valuable to the whole of existence, even when you feel you are getting it wrong. 


A message for the world

This melting pot is coming to the boil - this is where the alchemy begins, although many are fearful of this stage, and many will run away from the power of it, this is a necessary act on behalf of you all. For each person that plays their part(+), the rewards are tenfold, and for each person who runs away(-), the rewards are greater and if this does not make sense, see it as linear maths. 

Warriors of Light (+/-) you are holding the balance beautifully and although all of you will not see the magnitude of your role come to fruition in this body, know that your part is vital.

Many are discussing and dreaming the new world where there is no hiding place or need for one. You are the creators, each strand is building the future of earth for all its inhabitants.

Go create


The soul within is greater than the body

The body is limited and finite, the soul is limitless and infinite. The soul chose the journey of this life on earth in this body, chose the parents, chose the path. What you have done on this journey was not completely planned out, you have freedom to choose, but there were some steps that we predestined. 

When you put energy into the body to the exclusion of the soul, this is a short term investment. When you put your energy into the soul, the life experience opens up to something incredible and you begin to partner with other souls in a brand new way. You recognise the importance of caring for the body - the vehicle of your soul. This is a long term investment.


The winding of two rivers

Love relationships fail when each loses its own identity, when two become one. That debrides each of their unique perspectives and choices. Dysfunction occurs as the ego vies for superiority and one stands down.

Let love be a dance, a coming together, a moving apart, a twirl, a flurry and silent spaces for intimacy. Each living their own lives, their own dreams and carving their path, whilst coming together for shared experiences. 

Be collaborators of creativity as you build a family, community connections and deepen your faith together as you trust and forgive and everything in between.


Playing with the energies

Every day you are moving the energy of light, in all of your tasks in all of your thoughts the energies are shifting and changing. As you walk and move your body you are making patterns in the air and shifting the world one molecule at a time. When you drive your vehicles you are splitting the energy at speed and this creates waves which rise high into the universe. You are a propellant of change, even those who are not aware of their power are changing everything. 

The dance that you create is the most beautiful sight and the more you intend the universal dance to be cooperative, collaborative and aligned with love the faster you will achieve your objective.

When you are with a person who is unwell, remember that the root of the problems is that their energy is stuck, use movement of hands, thought and love pouring in to enable the body to release and ultimately heal.



Messages from spirit, from source energy are rebounded wisdom that echoes through the universe. It helps to talk to others, to perceive us as we were embodied, it offers a framework of understanding for your linear world. There are stages of development and as one body, we morph into greater awareness. As within your body you have cells that are specific to each organ, in source there are cells, groups of souls that operate with specific function. When you seek out information then the wisdom is rebounded from one of the cells.

As a warrior of light, making connections to spirit will aid your path, we will guide you to the people who need you and support the work you do. We are always with you and delight in our connection.


Dark Forces

Not all warriors of light are destined to work with the dark forces that envelop earth. All are supported to work on the areas of their own lives that dim the light of love. But for those who are chosen, who are able to protect themselves, who are solid in their own minds, they can enter into the ‘battle’ between dark and light. First they can detect the dark as the veil thins, then they can seek out the individual energies that are compelled to destroy and speak directly to the purity of the soul within. They can read the codes that are specific to darkness and eradicate them using coded words to return the dark energy to the light which sets the body free. 

Each soul on earth is playing their part, for those entrapped in darkness, they will be cleansed as they return to source and will process their experience in the care of other souls until they are healed.

11/12/13.04 ( apologies - without internet on these days)


There is a time to move forward, a time to reflect and a time to stand still. Before you take another step - stop. Pull all the energy of the universe through you, breathe in the love that is there for you and seek guidance. Take that guidance and measure it against life, responsibilities and desires. Repeat your process until you are completely aligned with your next step.

This simple model works for all aspects of life and helps you see and release your limiting beliefs and blocks in a gentle and loving way. 


The voice of a new day

Each new day the sun rises to warm the land, let this be a reminder that it is a new day and all of the old stories of yesterday were only useful then. Today is brand new, you can choose a new voice, creating sounds and moving the energies with the voice of love, of peace, of acceptance. 

The earth resounds with the song of love, connect deeply with it and you will begin to hear and feel the rhythm of nature. 

SJ: As a warrior of light, you create a network across the land, rise together with love and we will invade the darkness until it has no place here.


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…

When you clap your cupped hands you are moving energy, you are creating a vibration that runs through your body and the sound travels out into the world. Why you do this is to set yourself free of the stuck energy in your body and also to send positive powerful energy to the performers when you clap in celebration and appreciation. 

Warriors of Light who understand clearing energy can use hard hand clapping to shift stuck energies in a room by clapping into corners and through doorways. 

You are beginning to realise now that you are magical and you have the power to transform this earth through your love and intention.

SJ: This childhood song came to me in meditation, and I thought about the hands of Jesus where the nails went in and thought about energy healing with ‘magic hands’.  I then brought this to source energy to get their perspective.



Confusion is the place where you are bouncing ideas, going this way or that way, understanding this or that, interpreting right or wrong. 

Rather than being frustrated by confusion, see it as a powerful step to find your way forward. Welcome it as it is a gateway of choice, you can decide what to do. 

We shared our process of creation with you, we shared our process of determining the way forward. You will find your way, your model that works but it all starts with choice. You are the creator of your life, your destiny, your experience. If another is confusing you - then stop and consider their perspective - they are running a different movie in their head and you don't necessarily have to align with that. Walk your own path with joy.



Are you open to Miracles in your life? The whole process of birthing a human is in itself a miracle, being able to stand on two feet is a miracle, capacity to learn and grow is a miracle. In short life itself is a miracle. 

You are divine source energy surrounding flesh and blood. You have the capacity to heal yourself, to improve performance, to shine the brightest light on the world, to perform miracles in the name of Love. (synonym for your Deity) and to live an abundant life. We don't consider abundance in quite the same way as earth, abundance of spirit is a far greater gift than material possession. 

Knowing your abundance is a miracle for all those who were born without the knowledge, today your children are born with a new knowing and they are going to change the world once again.


Think of a number…

The divine lottery is a game you can play to seek guidance away from your normal controls. Flipping through pages of a book and stopping randomly, choosing a card by letting one fall out of the pack. 

You are handing over control to other forces, these forces will match your intention, whether or not your intention is for love or fearful in its root, it will match. Be careful with these games of chance as they can play into your darkest thoughts and when you seek guidance from another ‘seer’, choose wisely.

The key to divine guidance is setting your heart's intention on love and the best outcome for all concerned. Then sit with that guidance for a while to determine if you are truly aligned to it. Timing might not fit with your life plan, direction might not fit with your life path but let the ‘seed’ of the guidance grow in you slowly and let the magic happen in the fullness of time. 



As a warrior of light you might find yourself in a position where you feel you must defend another from attack.This might put you in danger and the decision to act is yours and yours alone. In the split second where you are making that decision, call out to your guides and strengthen yourself with the armour of love. 

Should you be unable to defend and the other is hurt, then take this to your guides to support you to process the emotional response.

Standing up for others is  compassionate and powerful but not always possible. There is a risk that you will interfere in their own learning experience which prevents them from proceeding on their journey.  

If you cannot stand up for them, throw a canopy of lovelight over them and offer up prayers that the universe will support their needs at the time.

You can use the canopy to place over countries in difficulty too.



Moving through life with ease will guide you onwards with purpose and direction, the moment that ease is lost, struggle begins and this slows you down and redirects your path.

Maintaining ease in the body: movement, nourishment, posture and rest

Maintaining ease in the mind: feeding the mind with books, films, music, creativity, conversations, discussions and controlling negative thoughts. Being mindful of the now and dreaming of the future. 

Maintaining ease in the emotions: Giving space and attention to all emotional responses without judgement. Attending to the response with action to reduce its force through standing back, observing and finding peace within through acceptance of what you can and cannot change.

Maintaining ease in the spirit: childlike curiosity, meditation, connection with your tribe and communication with your divinity through invocation and/or prayer.


Jigsaw pieces

Life is like a jigsaw - all the pieces that do slot together but are misplaced. The joy of finding that piece that fits perfectly, that creates the pattern you seek is empowering and exciting. 

Take joy in the chaos of life and the serendipitous and often inexplicable events that shape it, because every opportunity is fertile ground for learning and growth.


New Beginnings

Every day is a new beginning, offering new opportunities for growth and expansion. At the beginning of the working week take time to plan and assess your workload. The working week is a human concept and is far out of alignment with soul work, however, as earth is likened to an experiential school of learning, work with the concept - explore and expand upon it, see if it can work alongside your soul life. Changes will occur one way or another and if your attitude is one of experience and exploration, then you will find joy in it.

Today - let it be a new day - be open to possibility and be free in your mind of the burdens that you carry. How much joy can you infuse into today to create a ‘fresh start’?



Are your routines and habits uplifting you every day? Are you excited for them, enjoying the focus of them? Routines and habits do not desire slaves, they are there for creators. 

Creating your dreams with routine and habits: every day find your time to build in time for dreaming - what do you want to be, to do, to achieve. Make space for that - if it is writing, make space to write, to learn the craft and to share writing with others. This is a powerful routine and one that will lead you to your goal.

The goal of a warrior of light is to light up the world, your strict routine will be taking time every day to fill yourself with light… What lights you up? Build that into your routine alongside time with Universal Light through meditation, silence, nature or however you connect with your highest self.



Division is divisive, when you move from unity you move away from love. When you move away from love you are out of alignment with your soul energy. It is a simple thing to understand - you are all one, there is no division, no separation, yes you have different ways of seeing the world and that is purposeful, you have different interpretations of God, isn't that wonderful? Yes you have different skin to that of a tree or a wolf or a butterfly - but you are truly one, you are inhabitants of earth and when it is time to leave you all return to Love in whatever form of that you believe. 

Warriors of Light: Every day notice and remove the layer of belief or understanding that separates you from the unity of Love and Shine Bright


Fragments of Light

When the veil is ripped asunder, the light shines through so bright that it might be too much. Allow the fragments of light to guide your path and as you become more aware of the duality of life more light will shine through. Take each day as you find it, don't go searching for the next lesson, allow time to assimilate the information or learning and explore within yourself what this means for your experience.

Move gently into wakefulness and encourage those around you by shining fragments of light upon their lives and not overloading them with information that might be too much.

And the further you travel along this path, make way for the newly awakened to shine new light upon you.


Walking the talk

We have noticed that many are using the coded words of spirit, yet do not live the codes. Take time to ask yourself today and every day… 

Are you walking the path you talk?

Are you the embodiment of love in all situations?

Where and when do you jump back into fear?

What is your deep motivation?

What do you care the most about?

What concerns you the most?

Then… bring this to your meditation or prayer and allow spirit to infuse you with light and help you integrate the codes.


Shifting the dark

As a warrior of light - you are shifting the dark, rewriting the story, changing the movie. If another seeks the dark, the root of which is the dichotomy of Love, then it is our job to shine bright light on that plan - we do not need to ‘fight the other’ as that would only lead us away from Love. We just need to create something different with its root in Love.


I am deeply concerned about AI and brought this to source energy for a perspective.

I am (as always) willing to hear anything and report without amendment:

SJ: Do I need to be concerned about AI and its long term effects?

Like all things there is a purpose and a drive to propel earth forward in new and exciting ways. This might not be in the direction you perceive as right but it will offer contrast and something new.

SJ: Will the use of AI impact human development?

Without a shadow of doubt it will change the course and trajectory of the human experience. You have a deeper meaning to this and we would say that it will deprive as much as it will enhance the development of humans.

SJ: Is AI rooted in Love?

No, simply not, it is a construct of the human mind that is able to seek alternative pathways. If Love, which is the connection to all things, is covering the planet like mycelium, then this is the technological version of this. 

SJ: Do the developers of AI have a blueprint for the proposed long term outcome

Yes, the truth is hidden in plain sight. 


Fundamental Principles

A warrior of light is focussed on Love - at all times, being aware of reactions and responses of themselves and the collective. 

A warrior of light is in a constant state of change - acknowledging that they are evolutionary.

A warrior of light seeks opportunities for collaborative effort - knowing that there is power in the collective.

A warrior of light is committed to building connection with their soul energy, the largest part of them.

A warrior of light knows they have choice in all things, even if that is just their response to external events.

A warrior of light seeks peace within themselves and for the collective

A warrior of light envisions the world they want to create and holds space for that to evolve.


Measuring the passing of time

Time was created to give shape to existence, it is merely a construct that runs expectations and guides the story. The mind cannot manage without time as without time there is no order and that is confusing. 

You might have noticed when you get lost in learning, lost in creativity that time passes at a different speed. This is because you are in your creative mind rather than analytical. 

In source energy there is no concept of time, there is only the now just as it is in your creative mind, there is no ‘body clock’ that calls you to sleep, eat, rest and play. This has been explained to you, but grasping the concept isn't easy, when you are free of constraint, practise slipping into your creative mind to listen to your body, to respond to its needs and to see your constraints fall away. 

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