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Warriors of the Light Tribe Issue #3

Updated: Apr 30


Welcome, if this is your first time here do reach out and ask any questions and contribute your thoughts, experiences and opportunities to this space.

As we enter into the third month of the year, here in the northern hemisphere we are preparing for spring, as blossom appears on the trees and the bulbs peep through the earth. It is an exciting time of new birth and lighter days, morning frost still covers the ground bringing a purity to the air. It is good to cast off the heavy clothes of winter and begin the process of spring cleaning our homes. What a perfect time to spring clean our thoughts and memories to make way for creating new opportunities and experiences.

In February we were called to make a deeper connection to our highest wisdom, guides, soul group and divinity. I wonder what difference that made to your life? Certainly for myself, there has been a great deal of growth through observing responses to life events. Stopping myself in my tracks as I notice my over reactions or unnecessary compliance and how I am maturing every day as I live intentionally. 

I continue posting daily channelled messages on facebook, the discipline is really helpful, to take time out, to clear down all the thoughts in my head and visit with groups of souls who are willing to impart their knowledge. You can read February’s daily channels at the end of this letter and you will see that the messages are gentle and encouraging, without any ‘shoulds or musts’. I am writing this letter on the 27th - when a beautiful energy shared their own story about conformity and how that impacted the length of their lives. Food for thought as we are called to shine our light against a backdrop of people being ‘cancelled’ or worse for sharing their truth. 

The world is in a state of flux, as warriors of light we must decide what is right for us and follow that path, when you connect deeply with your intuition, you will know the way. If it is not safe for you to shine your light publicly, then do so quietly in your home, with your friends and family, this is just as powerful as those who can take centre stage. For those who are called to ‘push forwards’ then protect yourself from those who retaliate and don't take it personally and remember, we are in this together so reach out and get support in whatever way you need. 

In February, I managed to meet up with 3 warriors of the light tribe to share time and space and swap stories. When we make connections with like minded people it fills our cup overflowing with love and strengthens our resolve to share the beauty of a life filled with love. And sadly one of our tribe moved back into their energy body to shine their light through eternity…. Shine Bright Leigh Campbell.  Many years ago a preacher asked the congregation - “is there enough evidence to convict you” he was speaking about discipleship, following The Way of Christ's teaching and actually living it. Whatever ‘faith journey’ we are on,we are called to walk the talk.

Sometime this Month, I will be meeting with Debbie and Rae Waller to talk about their new book: Anxiety to Calm, it is a beautifully written book and will be perfect to give to those in need. It is part of the Pocket Book Library which is a collection of affordable self help books available from Amazon. Also I will be speaking with Kev Webster who has written a book called Never Give Up - The recordings will be published on YouTube under  @folllowthewhiterabbitwithsusi so check that out!

Anxiety to Calm: Debbie Waller & Rae Waller

Never Give Up:

If you have a book in you and need support - we are here for you, Michael Alperstein and I have created videos to guide you through KDP (Amazon publishing) and offer individual and group support to new authors. 

Energy Central

Each month we will explore the vibrational frequencies that impact us and earth 

The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the third chakra and is housed at your naval, the seat of power. This is where our core muscles keep you strong and upright and enable us to stand tall. When we operate from the power that is within - our soul energy shines through. We are confident in who we are and our self esteem enables us to be of service to the world and engage in functional, healthy relationships.

Goddess Isis Wisdom:  When you are feeling weak - put your hands on your belly button and pour love into your deep connection to all the power in the universe. When you need more power in your life, take time in silence and visualise your path, pull the power from all that is and enrich your vision, when you are certain of your path, the role you will play and the obstacles you will meet, then you will have all the power and strength you need to achieve your goal. However you walk through life, walk upright with power and authority, looking straight ahead with light energy pouring from you. 

Within your lifetime, you will have experienced powerlessness, there will be stories that have impacted you greatly, these stories need resolution and often healing, do not shy from the task, use your skills or find others to help you. Your soul energy lacks nothing, so lean into it at all times.

Crystal: Yellow: Citrine is a great power stone, generating abundance in all aspects of life, choose a stone that ‘feels right’ to you. Cleanse it, hold it and encode it with powerful thoughts, stories and intentions and then recharge it whenever you can. In weaker moments draw on its energy and live to your fullest potential 

Circle of Light: Monday 4th March

Members of the Light Tribe meet monthly on zoom. This is a contemporary space of healing and growth, whatever beliefs you hold will not be challenged and you make no commitments and are free to drop in whenever it suits you, this is a free event. The tribe builds new friendships here and grows in power and strength individually and collectively.

A warm welcome awaits you at our Circle of Light, the first monday of the month at 6pm London Time - 7 am NZ, and works well for the USA. This is a truly gentle space of loving kindness. Come along and meet other Warriors of Light. Here's the zoom link:

Keep scrolling for our directory of services and please share events that you are offering + special events so please make sure they are on the editor's desk by the 20th of each month - email with your contributions.

I ask that you share this letter with any friends and family that need to connect with like minded folk and include the link in your own newsletters to spread the word.


Books: - also worldwide

Books written by the Warriors of Light Tribe

Unveiling the Magic of You: Susi Jones

Unveiling the Magic of You Companion Journal

Making Life Happen (Notebook) Susi Jones

Moments of Calm (Notebook) Susi Jones

Like a Compass in Her Bones: Kristin Kozlowski

Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

Life Begins at 70: Alfred Bellanti

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Pocket Book Library 

A series of short affordable books to help you grow in power and strength with a plan for a summit in 2024

I am: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Renew: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning  Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Karen Taylor 

Anxiety to Calm: Debbie Waller & Rae Waller

The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

Do check these videos out, lots of really useful information and interesting people

Cathryn Mahoney

Gavin Bowtell

Ros Jones  

Mani Pureheart


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I Speak With Animals

March Event Calendar

Numbers are strictly limited so please book your place today to avoid disappointment.

PLEASE NOTE:  These events are free to anyone who is part of my membership group.  For a free trial so that you can take part in these events free of charge in March please go to: MEMBERSHIP FREE TRIAL

The cost of membership is £29.95 per month after the free trial ends.

Friday 15th March

Intuitive Tarot Card Workshop

4pm UK / 11am EST / 8am PST / 12 midnight Perth W.A.

During this workshop I will help you to unlock your own way of reading cards so that they are speaking directly to you.  I will explain why I recommend that you don't read the books that come with the cards and how you can understand what they are trying to tell you.

Thursday 21st March

Guided Meditation to meet a pet who has passed over

5pm UK / 12 noon EST / 9am PST / 1am Perth W.A.

This is a 30 minute meditation where I take you to a safe place to connect with a pet who is on the other side

Monday 25th March - Group Reading

4 pm UK / 11am EST / 8am PST / 12am Perth WA

You can ask up to 6 questions, either all for one pet or divided between more than one.  This takes up to 2 and a half hours.

Everyone, including me, thoroughly enjoys these group readings.  I'm always getting messages afterwards telling me how much people have loved them!


If you're not a member and would like to take part in one of these events, the costs are:

Tarot Card Workshop - £38 (GBP).  This is a link to a one-on-one workshop: INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP.  If you would prefer to take part in a group workshop contact me at for dates.

Group Reading - £17.50 (GBP) here is the link: GROUP READING

Guided Meditation - £14.50 (GBP) this is the link: MEDITATION



Kathy Zablotzky

I Speak With Animals

Susi Jones 2024© 

Please enjoy these messages which are in the public domain, if you choose to quote from them please reference their source. See my facebook page for a daily message: SusiJones37



Circle of Light - on Light

Essenes: Children of the Light Linked with Druids denied by the Modern Christian Churches - Jesus was taught the Way (of the light) by Essenes

Bhagavad Gita - The song of God - hindu scripture : In the dark night of all beings awakes to Light the tranquil man - He is the source of light in all luminaries and is entirely beyond the darkness of ignorance

Quran - God is the Light of the heavens and earth  - God is the master of the faithful he brings them out of darkness into light

The Bible - Then God said: let there be light and there was light 

Torah - Light is an enduring symbol for God, a Mitzvah is like lighting an internal candle

Jah’s Light symbolises divine illumination, spiritual awakening and the path towards enlightenment (Rastafarian)

Buddha - Inner light the Buddha opens his 6th chakra and light is emitted and illuminates the heavens  the sentient beings  present were enlightened and could see and hear everything in all heaven and hell realms

Jesus - I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. He also compares his followers to light - ‘we are the light of the world unable to be hidden’

Mayans - the sun was very important - observing the zenith passage of the sun (end of april and september) a survival tool as they could predict the rainy season and therefore ensure crops were harvested in time.

Egyptians -light and fire were sources of life and wellbeing and they used the verb ‘to be light’ to shine or to enlighten. 

Druids - and we choose to be emanations of your sacred flame as we shine like the rising sun bringing light and warmth to the world in which we live. ‘Anchoring the light of the heavens on earth


Letting go of Self:

When we let go of self, we let go of the need to be ‘someone’ or ‘something’. In so doing we let go of our separation, in full and complete acknowledgment of our sovereignty and our responsibility we can operate from a place of love. 

As a Warrior of Light we hold ourselves in service to all, we are homogenous with all creation and therefore to harm is to harm ourselves and to Love is to Love ourselves. The way is to remove the lens of separation from our language, thoughts and actions by infusing ourselves with pure love each day.


Entering into Love

Imagine that you can walk into a star - so filled with love that you can feel the cosmos through every cell of your being, imagine that when you look up you can see the universe in all its glory. Imagine now that all the Love in the Universe is meandering through each cell of your being and lighting up your energetic body. 

Now rest in this place for a while, feeling the power, the connection to All that Is and strengthening your resolve to bring Light to the world. This is the Way of the Warrior of Light - to return to this place every day to heal and restore. Bring your concerns and celebrations and then teach others how to fully enter into Love.


Today I met with a group of souls who had never incarnated on earth. They asked me to describe Earth at this time. I said it was a place of contrast, those working in nefarious ways in the shadows bent on destruction and those working in the light of love, I explained that it is at a tipping point and Warriors of Light were walking the line between the two. They took this to discussion between themselves and came back with “The path you walk is narrow and you will not be alone, we will send our energy of light to you. You are guardians of the light and help people stay in the light through difficult times and guide people from the dark side by example. Do not be afraid because although the path is difficult you are not alone in your quest.”

This reminded me of a verse in the Bible for those who follow the teachings of Christ: Matthew 7: 13-14, Quran: 4:175, Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16.


Living in abundance

First start from the premise that you have everything you need and fill yourself with gratitude for that. Gratitude is like a magnet for abundance.


The path before you

We want to talk about the future and how you manage it without anxiety or fear. As a Warrior of Light your love will light the way. The more focussed on your goal, to live the best life, to embrace the greatest opportunities and to experience gratitude for the small things the brighter the path will be. When you become unclear about any aspect of this path, then standstill, take time to regroup, to gird your loins, to connect with your tribe and to find your balance again. Fill yourself with love and carry on.


Being Real

As your calling is to Lead by Example, there is a great need for you to be open, honest and filled with Love Light. People will see how you overcome difficulty, ride the waves and go with the flow, they will be inspired by your light and move towards the light themselves. When we lead by example we are fearless, others' views of you are their views, not yours to own. So stand firm and proud in all your beauty and Light up the world today.


Warriors of the Light Tribe… you are a collective, telepathically communicating across earth - unseen. Each time you make that connection to source energy, ripples travel through the network. Across all time, space and dimensions you are changing the trajectory of the universe, firing up the light of love and removing the powerlessness from those in power, that they might move from the shadows and reveal their true nature. Fire up the collective energy today in all that you do and know you are far from alone in this battle. 


The lessons we don't learn on Earth

There will be many opportunities to learn which you ignore, dismiss or reject. Take note of all of these lessons as they are vital for your growth. Notice your response and then dissect it, without emotion explore the why. Sometimes lessons are wrapped up in unusual clothing and curiosity is the key to living life wholly, rather than just making your mind up, be more like a child in wonder and delve deeper into all opportunities presented to you. 

Harden not your heart is a repeated expression in the New testament, within our current climate it has an interesting root. Hebrews 3:15 (NLT). Quran (39:22) 



You are a special agent on a special mission to live the principles of Love, to start with yourself, with earth, with those close by, all those on earth and finally in the universe. What are  the principles of Love? Love is encoded in every cell of your being and you light up those cells when you are kind, gentle and affectionate, when you are creative and expansive, when you are compassionate, curious and collaborative and when you are lost in wonder at the magnificence of life. 



Striding forward into the Light of Love every day requires effort and action, Warriors of Light are not passive or perverse, they Shine Bright in excellence, even through the dark days. Every day ask yourself how you can shine bright to enlighten those around you, that they might shine brighter too.



What are you waiting for when everything you need is right here right now? You have access to profound wisdom and knowledge, you are lacking in nothing from a spiritual perspective. If you find yourself in lack of material possession, freedom, relationship or health, then bring that into the spiritual where there is no lack. We are here for you at all times, available to provide guidance, direction or support in whatever way you need. IF you are in lack and there is an urgent need for physical support then do not be afraid to ask for help. Warriors of Light are an intergalactic collective and as such are there to support each other and ensure each other's safety and security. 

Today, consider what are you ‘waiting for?’ 


Who are you becoming?

As you release the layers of stories that have held you captive, you are becoming yourself. Each time you fill yourself with the light of love you are opening up to the divinity within. You are already perfect and any perceived imperfections are just the masks that you wear. So simply take off the mask and Light up the World and when people notice the difference you can teach them how to access their own divinity.

Each tiny step Warriors of Light take has a powerful impact on the balance of earth and earth is at a tipping point. You are here for a reason.



Don't get caught up in the pomp and ceremony of material distraction, your mission is to bring light, this is powerful, a deep observation and acknowledgment of all that is in the universe. Make choices every day about how you spend your time, energy and resources and measure the benefits to your life and purpose. Infiltrate the world in every way you can to show people your light and how every choice you make aligns with your purpose. And today…let people know you love them.



As a spiritual being in a physical body, you have chosen to be earthbound, this is a temporary phase of your existence and one where you will learn many things. Each lesson you learn impacts the evolution of the collective and as you shine more light upon the earth the speed of change is increased. BUT for your own physical health’s sake you must create balance, you are after all a physical being and grounded here in the density of this planet. Look after your body and your mind and connect with earth to restore your energies. You have infinity to look forward to, so really enjoy every moment of this life experience.



As a warrior of light you create a pure channel of love light energy straight from its source. Guard against focussing on negativity as this aims to close down the channel and separate you from All that is good for you. First acknowledge the negativity, the emotions behind the thoughts and the story you are telling yourself. Then examine the event and make choices and decisions about how to restore feelings that align with love. Take these to meditation, prayer or silence and let spirit guide you into action. Then be gentle with yourself and love yourself back into purity of thought so that you can reopen that pure channel of love light energy.


I is We and We are 1

Warriors of Light immerse themselves in wisdom, they seek elevated universal knowledge and find ways to communicate that throughout their lives. They know who they are becoming and where they came from and confidence rises within them, like sap through a tree. 

In battle they are formidable and have a pureness of soul. Stand firm in the truth of love and charge against those who would seek to destroy the land and all who inhabit it.



I brought this subject with me into my connection with Spirit and this is what they said:

“You have received 2 lessons on this subject this week - that is why it is in your vibration to ask: Wayne Dyer spoke of an orange and Bashar spoke of manifestation. Combine the 2 and you have our answer.”

Here is my interpretation:

Imagine you are a piece of fruit hanging on a tree - what is abundance to you?

You need to stay on the tree for as long as you can, you need the tree to be healthy, the soil to be watered and rich in nutrients, the sun to be shining to ripen you. You need to be juicy and have a healthy seed inside you so that it can grow into another tree and bear much fruit. And ultimately you want to fulfil your purpose of being eaten and enjoyed by another - be it human or animal

There is nothing in your mind about being on a different tree, in a different place, nor a desire to be a different type of fruit, there is no ‘want’.

Wayne said when you squeeze an orange you will always get orange juice - when you are squeezed - what comes out is what you are…and this is our mission as warriors of light to gently heal so that more love comes out… that is abundance.


Advanced Wakefulness

When you first wake up… to an understanding that there is far more to life than what you’ve been told… you go on a journey that slowly yet surely offers greater understanding and experience. This can lead to euphoria that separates you from your physical experience. Overtime with more opportunities to grow, you become more grounded and realise that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. 

We invite you to understand that you are still highly active in Source Energy in your soul life, where you decode your physical experience, in other words:  you are running a parallel life here on earth in this physical form and as such you are the architect of this experience. 

As a Warrior of Light - your connection to All that Is becomes ever stronger, the light you pull through is healing you from the inside out. 


Not getting caught up in minutiae

A warrior of light is conscious of the complexities of life and the work they do, they see the big picture and follow clear lines without distraction. They do not jump from one task to another, they maintain their focus and deal with detail along the way. Intention is paramount, if you are choosing to love more, then just practise being more loving.


Warriors of Light do not deceive themselves. They know their strengths and weaknesses and work to build more strengths. 

Warriors of Light are magical and perfect beings living this experience on earth, why? Why are you here and why are others leaving? 

There are many existence experiences to be had and this is just a temporary space for you to fulfil your intentions - when you have done that work - then there is no reason for you to stay. 

As an energy being, there is no sadness as there is no separation in source. 

We know this is hard to get your head around, but we bring this information to you to build your deeper connection to the fullness of who you are. 

You will shine brighter as you let loose limitations.


Rise above

A message from a soul who said they lived on earth for 6 years:

Social influence is a great limiter, to live an abundant and joyous life you must rise above it. Walk your own path, be who you want to be and be proud. Don't listen to the naysayers, don't respond to their call - You are far more powerful than that.


Follow your gut

Instinct is a primary aspect of humanity - trusting your gut requires that you train your instincts, to understand what is right or wrong, truth or lies, direction or distraction. Navigating the human experience requires an ‘instinct sat nav’... your instincts are a connection to your soul energy. Listening to your gut is an easy way to commence as it is the seat of your soul. When something feels ‘off’ it will remind you of that bad meal you ate… as a warrior of light, being aligned with your instincts will guide you to where your light needs to shine today.


I was talking to spirit about fun, excitement and the joy of life and asked them what we needed to know…

“We create, we have a wild idea and find ways to develop it, our ideas don't always work out and we laugh and giggle at the results, we are cooperative and between us we achieve the outcome we desire. At the heart of it, of life: joy is found in the presence of collaboration - gardening with earth, walking with animals, harvesting with trees, talking with strangers,  holding hands with your young and old and all human connection in between. Creativity is the melting pot of evolution and personal growth.”



When you trust it means that you stop fighting, stop ruminating, stop designing and trying to work it out. Putting your trust in the hands of your highest self and all those within your soul tribe to orchestrate the outcome you desire. 

First: Formulate your needs well, include the small details, fill your request with love, hand it over and then: Second: Let go and get on with living, keep focussed on your goal and banish the negative thoughts that might invade.

When you put your trust in another, know their frailty, understand that they might not be able to achieve the outcome as you desire. Send them love and ask their angels and guides to direct them to the best of their ability and then let go.



Hope is the ability to envision a desired outcome, 


Does it matter to you, what people think of you?

Warriors of Light are non-conformist, they do not concern themselves with fitting in. They know that the people they are called to serve will see their light shining far above any other judgements others might make. 

A soul's perspective: “I spent much of my incarnation trying to fit in, to please others, to lose myself in their wanting and it cost me my life, I learned a great deal about myself in that lifetime and it strengthened my resolve to share this with others and guide them towards solidarity with their own wisdom and power”


Today I met with a ‘snakelike’ energy who described themselves as having a small voice: We were talking about earth and the difficulties we are facing at the moment.

Darkness isn't darkness, Evil isn't evil - it is contrast. Would you shine your torch in sunlight? You need the dark to highlight the light, the contrast of loving v. hating is stark, you know it energetically and how hate impacts your wellbeing. Fear is the absence of Love and hate is the polar opposite of love. As a warrior of light you are shining your light to lead people from fear and hate into love, so fearing and hating the dark is counterproductive. Find your way to love which brightens your light.



What you place significance upon creates a new energy, it leaves a footprint, a code that is absorbed into life and from there it is imprinted for all time. So be mindful of what you place significance on. This is where gratitude has its highest value, it imprints into your life and impacts all those that connect with your energy.

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