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Warriors of the Light Tribe    Issue 6


Welcome, if this is your first time here do reach out and ask any questions and contribute your thoughts, experiences and opportunities to this space. Email:

I need your help:

As you may know I retired from my profession and therapy practice. 6 years ago our world turned upside down and I have been tireless in my search for balance. In these last years I have learned more than I did in the previous 60+ years and feel completely blessed and at peace. I called upon our Circle of Light to support me in my next transformation and the clarity came: 

I am about to upend my website which will predominantly showcase my art works for sale with a page for my books and Warriors of Light. I will be creating a newsletter for my Art followers and one for my Warriors of Light. IF you wish to receive a newsletter - please reply to this message including:

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I will only send these to those who want them and maybe a yearly update for everyone else.

Being a Warrior of Light is learning how to love without condition, we are all on our personal journey through life and we need each other to guide, direct, knock off the rough edges and gently lead us into our own and collective transformation. Our Circle of Light are a tribe of light workers, healers, shamans, therapists, creatives, magicians and all are welcome.

Whilst writing this newsletter I could hear the hymn running through my head: “Make me a channel of your Peace” a prayer from St Francis of Assisi and this is our role as warriors - to bring Peace and Love to all we meet. 

Energy Central

Each month we explore the vibrational frequencies that impact us and earth 

The Crown Chakra: at the fontanelle you will find this chakra - where the Christlight, the Godforce and all knowledge in the Universe is accessed. The connection to the Most High, however you describe this and the connection to your own divinity, unique soul expression and spiritual identity.m

Goddess Isis Wisdom:  The power that is in you is sourced from your crown chakra, as you make ever deeper connection to the divine, your life will be elevated and filled with love. Love is the key element to the universe and as you work through your chakras and all the learning that they hold you will then reach your highest wisdom. Do not be concerned with those who don't understand, they are on their path and you are on yours, follow the light of love and carry it with you at all times.

Crystal: Amethyst will assist in your spiritual development, but any crystal that you are drawn to and enables you to be at peace is right for you.

Circle of Light: Monday 1st July….(sorry for delay… we had a great circle and you are more than welcome)

Members of the Light Tribe meet monthly on zoom. This is a contemporary space of healing and growth, whatever beliefs you hold will not be challenged and you make no commitments and are free to drop in whenever it suits you, this is a free event. The tribe builds new friendships here and grows in power and strength individually and collectively.

A warm welcome awaits you at our Circle of Light, the first monday of the month at 6pm London Time at 5am for NZ but works well for the USA. This is a truly gentle space of loving kindness. Come along and meet other Warriors of Light. Here's the zoom link: July we will be sharing our understanding and experience of the 7th Chakra and those who are new will be able to connect with their chakras to complete the cycle. 

Keep scrolling for our directory of services and please share events that you are offering + special events so please make sure they are on the editor's desk by the 20th of each month - email with your contributions.

I ask that you share this letter with any friends and family that need to connect with like minded folk and include the link in your own newsletters to spread the word.


Books: - also worldwide

Books written by the Warriors of Light Tribe

Unveiling the Magic of You: Susi Jones

Unveiling the Magic of You Companion Journal

Making Life Happen (Notebook) Susi Jones

Moments of Calm (Notebook) Susi Jones

Like a Compass in Her Bones: Kristin Kozlowski

Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

Life Begins at 70: Alfred Bellanti

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Never give up: Kev Webster

Pocket Book Library 

A series of short affordable books to help you grow in power and strength with a plan for a summit in 2024

I am: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Renew: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning  Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Karen Taylor 

Anxiety to Calm: Debbie Waller & Rae Waller

The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

I will be interviewing 6 people and talking about theirs and my contribution to a new book to be released this summer... its exciting!

Do check these videos out, lots of really useful information and interesting people

Cathryn Mahoney

Gavin Bowtell

Ros Jones  

Mani Pureheart


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I Speak With Animals

PLEASE NOTE:  These events are free to anyone who is part of my membership group.  For a free trial so that you can take part in these events free of charge in March please go to: MEMBERSHIP FREE TRIAL

The cost of membership is £29.95 per month after the free trial ends.

You can ask up to 6 questions, either all for one pet or divided between more than one.  This takes up to 2 and a half hours.

Everyone, including me, thoroughly enjoys these group readings.  I'm always getting messages afterwards telling me how much people have loved them!


If you're not a member and would like to take part in one of these events, the costs are:

Tarot Card Workshop - £38 (GBP).  This is a link to a one-on-one workshop: INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP.  If you would prefer to take part in a group workshop contact me at for dates.

Group Reading - £17.50 (GBP) here is the link: GROUP READING

Guided Meditation - £14.50 (GBP) this is the link: MEDITATION



Kathy Zablotzky

I Speak With Animals

Susi Jones 2024© 

I am a wisdom keeper, author, artist and channel - amongst other things…

Every day I channel a message for the world.

Please enjoy these channelled messages which are in the public domain, if you choose to quote from them please reference their source. See my facebook page for a daily message: SusiJones37

 If you want to hear me talk about this natural phenomenon in this interview with Kim Chamberlain please follow the link:


A new month and a new opportunity for growth, experimentation and following through with your plans. 

Take time out to plan your month - one of the tasks in my course I have is to write 10 things I want to paint and then answer in great depth my ‘why’. This will help me understand my motivation and reason for painting.

I thought you might like that exercise as well:In your Journal - or on paper - make a list of 10 things you want to achieve in June - (it maybe that you want to research or start or finish a project)

Then over the next 10 days start answering your ‘why’ in depth. See where that takes you.

I would love to hear how this works for you and what you learn about yourself. I will share my 10 things in my July Newsletter. 


All that is Love

I asked Source Energy to show me visually where we are today in our chaotic world. I saw two columns - All that is Love  and All that is Fear.

Which do you think was the largest column, the one with the most diversity, the one that shone the brightest?

In each of our lives we operate with dichotomies, we vacillate between love and fear and in the columns there was evidence of our collective growth and movement away from the darkness of fear. Fear is insidious, a spell, a world wide web that we are caught up in without even realising it. As we consciously make decisions towards Love, towards the light that shines from within, we systematically overcome our fears. There is no ‘fight’, no ‘raw’ there is only a decision to let go of the darkness and move headlong into the light. 

Your channelled message for today:

“Do not ‘fear the fear’ just turn around and look to love” 



Go quietly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there is in silence.

Warriors of Light are Peacemakers, they seek consideration, acceptance, collaboration, cooperation and love. They have no time for argument, judgement or dysfunction and although they slip into the old ways now and again they recognise that it is their unhealed self that needs attention.

Today - take time in silence - turn off the noise of your man made reality and connect to the heart of your spiritual reality. Then you will know peace - a peace that passes all understanding. 



Each station on your radio is set at a different frequency, until you ‘tune in’ to that frequency you will not be able to hear the music. Rather than see this as a linear model, see this as a spiral, an ever increasing vortex of light and sound. When you were born you tuned in to the frequency of your primary caregiver and over the years you were able to tune in to multiple frequencies in different social and educational situations. Your capacity grew with you. 

The path of the Warrior leads you toward the higher frequencies of spirit, where you tune in to the divinity within and begin to use this power for good, for healing, for prophecy and for interpreting the gifts of the spirit. 

What ‘resonates’ is when a word or sound vibrates your cells and creates a knowing throughout your limbic system - a feeling of coming home. What does not resonate is not for you at this time and might create a rejection of the words of sounds.

As you connect with others, visit places etc, examine the energies, the frequencies and the sounds and get to know what resonates or not. And when you are in meditation or receiving any gifts of the spirit, ‘feel your way’ to see if this activates your limbic system and then you will know whether it is pure essence love from the divinity within. 



Be open with your praise, your feedback, your love.

Open your homes and your lives to others, tear down your fences and let the world come in, the longer you stay trapped in a prison of your own making the longer you will feel what you feel. It is time now to get out of the rut. This is a new day, a new life, a new you - and fear plays no part in your collective expression of love.

How does this work in practice? Only you know that, but it's time and if you are not sure then go into a state of deep reflection, prayer or meditation and seek the path of light. Use discernment and baby steps to ensure safety for yourself and others and ONLY give from your overflow - you will find that this becomes cyclic over time = the more you give the more you are in flow. 


Raise the Vibration

Whenever you go into a dark place - a memory that is sad, an environment where there is an absence of love, a story that breaks your heart - then your vibration is lowered - you take on the ‘colour’ of that event. 

If in your world today the colour is ‘grey’ a non colour a tone somewhere between light and dark then there is a need to actively seek the light to raise your vibration. 

  1. Think of good things - a positive story, a memory of peace, love and/or joy.

  2. Meet with good people - laugh together and reminisce

  3. Spend time in nature - observing and becoming one with

  4. Be creative, plant flowers, photograph the trees, draw, knit, sew, cook, sing, dance - whatever you love

  5. Fill your thoughts with learning, be curious and find new things to inspire you.



Look at the structure of a flower, a tree, water going down the drain - look at the patterns in nature - not man made - look for the wild flowers, the wild fruits untouched by man and you will find magic in them. 

Humans are natural creations, they are born of spirit and created to experience life and love and to create a new world for themselves in their imaginations. 

Imagine for one moment that you are God and can determine the structure of your day, the structure of your life - what patterns would you create? What flow would there be in your life? Then access your divinity.

YOU are the WAY the truth and the life - access this through structured prayer or meditation- take time in this life to connect with the source of all knowledge. 

You do not need an intercessor - someone to show you the way - you need to connect to the source and listen to the whispers of love. IF any words come through you that are not of love then, give them to the air - blow them away as they are not for you and seek solace with your guides and the small voice of love inside you.

SJ: Jesus tore down the veil that separated the people from God and yet the bible references that he said “I am the way…follow me”. He could not have replaced the ‘veil’ with himself - it would not make sense…I leave you to ponder this.


The Way

SJ: The Way is the way of the Essenes - Jesus was a Master Essene who lived by their laws and calls you to follow these laws. The Essenes can be dated back thousands of years before Christ and offer a model for our New Earth. They lived simply, in community, tending the land and following the Law. 

Channel: “When you study the Essenes I show you the path to freedom, teach you how to commune with earthly and cosmic forces. Follow me… the path that I trod, the way to the heart and the way to healing. You are already perfect, you are already forgiven, you have a new day every day to make the difference you seek in your life. The Law is simple and invites you to live peaceably amongst your tribe, to speak words of loving kindness to all you meet, to be good guardians of Earth, tending the land and eating from her bounty and to study the ancient texts that I studied and to commune with all forces morning and evening.”


The Self

SJ: when chatting with a friend yesterday we discussed being selfish and I brought this to meditation today:

Fill your cup with the energy of the earth and the universe, fill until you are overflowing and it is from this cup that you can serve the world. The poor will always be with you - there are more people to serve than you and you cannot give from your emptiness, this is self worth. Know thyself, to truly know yourself you must spend time getting to know you, take time to commune with your divinity, your love, nature, the world around you. To open your heart and mind to new opportunities, to spend time in communion with your guides through prayer, meditation or contemplation. It is only then that you can serve the world. 

If your motivation is filled with love and purpose and your intention is to serve, then being selfish is necessary. Having boundaries that enable you to discern when you are depleting yourself and having the discipline to take yourself away from service to regenerate yourself will ensure that you are giving from pure essence love.



Nurture your body, mind, spirit, dreams and passions. Bring in the Light of All into your daily life to connect with Love. Bring in the Life Force that you might be healed, and at one with Earth and Sing out your praise and gratitude for those who have nurtured you.

Now nurture your instincts and intuition and bring your Love to the world, show them your peace, your essence and truth. Hold the power of Life in your hands today and cherish it.


Joy to the World

What joy is in your world today?

Seek that deep place of joy within every breath, as you look upon the flower, the movement of the sky, the life force that surrounds you, breathe in the joy and allow it to infuse every part of you. Pull in the light of love today as you open up to the seeds of life that are planted in you every day. Go beyond, deep into the cosmos and all the life force that moves the planets and the seas and pull the energy into you to regenerate each cell and propel you forward to your mission. 

You are one speck in the soup of life as vital as the sun and the moon - know this today, your power, your value, your worth. You are creation itself, love embodied, you are far from small and insignificant - you are life force. 


Be open

Be open to new opportunities, to new vistas to new sounds. Be open in all that you do to experience each morsel of life fully and without restriction. You are an amazing being and in soul terms unlimited - do not allow the limitations of your mind to rule your day - what if? Be a Yes Person and with a good dollop of sense take as many opportunities to fully live this life as you can.

Channel “ I failed to see the opportunities before me, I was stuck in the way of my fathers, my community, my past - it led me down dark and dreary streets, it led me to conformity which was boring and lifeless. I did not know what I couldn't have known, but you have not got that excuse, we are all urgently here waiting for you to wake up to the magnificence of you” 


Open up your heart to Love

We have spoken many times of the love that you speak of - the romantic love - the joining of two souls. Let us speak today of the Love that is in the Universe - the love that is so deep and powerful that it is overlooked. 

Let us think of the air - the love that is in the breath. Every word that is spoken, every vibration of light and sound is in this air, consider the airwaves and know that like the bird you can rest on these as the breath brings life and peace with it. Every day add conscious breathing to your practice.

Now consider the sun, moon and stars and all the Love that emits from these, rest in the light of the Love every day - make it your practice to talk to them and draw power into yourself.

And of course the Earth on which you live, the power of Gaia, draw in the Love that is in the land, earth yourself, nourish and hydrate yourself with this Love.

The simplest way to open your heart is to give Gratitude which is the door to receiving all the bounty of this earthly experience.


The Way to God

There are as many ways to God, Peace, Kindness, Authenticity etc as there are souls on Earth. In this powerful school of learning, contrast abounds, contrast often presents as dichotomised views, approaches, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and journeys.

Can you befriend the contrast within you and that within your brother or sister? Can you find a path to forgiveness when you collide with your different views? Can you feel your way into understanding that it is OK to be different, that they are as right as you are?

When we stand back to allow without judgement or ego, we are showing the power that is within us, the power of Love.

Do not be herded into collision or separation, those who would choose to direct you in this way are by no means as powerful as those who stand back and observe. Stand with Love, it will never fail you.



In soul energy you are whole and pure, there is nothing to regenerate - as a physical being on earth, regeneration enables you to grow into an adult and through all of the stages of life. Each cell in your body is designed to regenerate and heal itself. Why then is there sickness? 

Nature abhors a vacuum and you will notice that a wasteland soon becomes a haven for wildlife as the birds seed the area, and animals of the land plant seeds in their waste. 

If your body is not aligned to love, to the natural rhythms of life and is responding to stress and the poisons that are ingested then it will be prevented from regenerating with health resulting in sickness. This vessel is finely tuned and whatever is ailing you can be managed when you align yourself with health again.

When you pray or meditate ask for guidance to what is causing your sickness and how you can regenerate your body.

An Essene prayer for regeneration: ‘The earthly mother and I are one, she gives the food of Life to my whole body’ Now contemplate edible fruits, grains & plants and feel the current of the earthly mother flowing through you and intensifying and directing the metabolism of the body.



As a servant of the Most High - the All that is - the Universal Energy, when you give from your fullness, with the intention of service, of spreading the light of love, there is an immediate exchange as you are replenished with the Light of Love. 

Wherever you find yourself today, know that you are exchanging your energy with everyone you meet, in every location, in every event. Ask yourself if this is a good exchange, if it fills or drains you, purifies or contaminates you. Being aware that energy is a currency and must be used wisely.

If you are called to a specific service, protect yourself, first ground yourself by creating a powerful connection between All that is and Earth - you become a light source and then create a sheath  of light around your auric field for protection. At the end of your service, bathe yourself in light once again to cleanse and if the energy is stuck in your memory then shower in water to ‘baptise’ yourself and set yourself free.



Every day you are writing your story, choosing the characters, the scene and the essence of the story line. Make it your daily practice to stand back from all that the world throws at you and take a breath. Reflect and then renew, regenerate your connection with Love, pull in the Light from the Universe, seek out the areas that need attention and then write the story by planning the actions you will take, the thoughts you will entertain and the soul work you will restore, the needs of the family, the service you will bring to the people in your community and the energy you will give to earth.

Check back throughout the day and rejoice in the story you are creating.


The Power of Thought

If you were to create a powerful story in your mind, mull over it, expand it and become physically responsive to it, how would you tell yourself that it is only a story? A story trapped in the mind played over and over again will become real - this is how powerful you are. 

Take time out to stop, to breathe and to call in your guides, those still small voices that are ever present in times of need. Channel peace into your body - bring through the light of love to every word and echo in this story, ask for help to dissolve it in the light and be replaced by peace. Cup your hands as if to receive the peace that passes all understanding, feel the power of peace in your hands and bring them up to your heart to overflow into every cell of your being and let your heart be healed and your mind be freed.



Angels from the realm of glory are here for you today to support your journey in this body and at this time. Angels are beyond the limitations of earth, but are able to be present here with you to guide, and challenge you to be the best you can be. You will find that at certain times of your life a certain angel will be in your energy field and you can reach out to them.

However you perceive Angels is how they will appear for you. 

Angels are powerful beings, they are capable of great acts, if one is with you, they are there with great purpose and intention, call upon them in your hour of need but don't expect them to wave a magic wand.



Playing on the forces of fear, the antithesis of love, kindness, joy and hope, is the contrast you call many names. The polar opposite force that each carries within them - the choice to do what is creative or destructive. When thoughts, praise and action go to the destructive, this is called ‘evil’. 

Choice is the fulcrum in your hands.



Air, the invisible force that brings life to all, without this magical amazing element no life would be present on earth. As we delve into the properties of the air, we see that there is no separation between earth and all life here. 

The air that you breathe is recycled air that you all share. If Air brings life what are you doing to ensure your own health? 

I invite you to focus on your breath, take time with it to examine how you are breathing, and make modifications to improve your health. 

In silence, imagine you are a tree pulling the air through your roots, all the way up through your spine and out through your branches, slowly exhale and release your tension, then with focussed attention create a rhythm that works for you, filling every cell of your body with life giving air. Imagine that the air has healing qualities and brings air to areas of pain or discomfort. If it helps, imagine that the air is your favourite colour and your pain is your least favourite colour - let this imaginary process fill you completely with your favourite colour. Now open your eyes and be conscious of your body - how does it feel? 


Collective healing

What happens to one cell in your body happens to all. If we consider the collective as a body, then it's easy to understand that when you are in full flow, abundant in joy it has a healing effect on you and also the world. Every vibration in the world impacts you individually and collectively.

As a Warrior of Light your role is to manage your vibration - your physical, mental and spiritual health by making a deep connection with Earth and the Cosmos, bringing the purest vibration of love through you and when you are overflowing then out into the world.

Don't get caught up in world drama. Stand firm in the light of love and trust that all is in perfect order. And teach - teach each other how to ‘be present’ and to honour each other’s unique pathway.


Life in Source

Souls are cooperative, we work together, bringing all our collective strength, knowledge and learning to create, we are constantly seeking new ways to express ourselves, new ways to develop. We operate in unison, harmoniously weaving our unique energies together - there is no dissent, no argument as there is on earth. Most of us have been to earth and understand the limitations of the human body and mind and this is our work, exploring how to change that dynamic of human life to bring more harmonious expressions of love and life experience.

Who are we? We are you.

That is hard to comprehend and we encourage you to bring this to meditation or prayer, allowing your unique expression of self to guide you into truth and freedom. 


And Breathe

The simplest way to God, Source, Infinity, Divinity (All that Is) is through the breath. Allow each inhalation and exhalation to carry you towards the light of love. Even if the weight of darkness is holding you captive, letting go of the why for these moments will strengthen you. When you notice the difference in your vibration, and the mind has stopped playing the movie, focus more on your breath, the small things you don't ordinarily notice, the sounds around you, the beat of your heart, the tingle in your toes, then you are ready to speak to All that Is, there is no need to tell the story, or explain yourself - just ask for help to move forward towards the light of love.

And for those who experience peace, use this model to deepen your understanding of self and your place in the universe. 



Every day practice going deeper into a meditative state - turning off the noise of the world, quelling the fear thoughts and letting go of responsibilities. 

Do this  to strengthen your life experience, not to replace it. You are called to be present and to respond to life in powerful ways. 

Meditate on the words of those who are more advanced than you, those who resonate with you, take words from your holy books and bring them to your guides, how do they relate to you or the world today? Strengthen yourself with knowing.

Meditate on the bounty and beauty of Earth and pull in the creation energies of her to restore and rejuvenate your body.

And finally meditate on Love, the most powerful element here on earth



SJ: Honour thy father and thy mother - one of the ten commandments of ancient times. When we lie and deceive we are failing in our duty to honour those with whom we share our lives. 

In source energy there is no deceit, there is respect and value of all beings, equality at its core, we are equal. The more advanced souls are teachers and guides and we lean into their wisdom as their equals. 

Translating this into the human experience, requires that each person is upright and in control of their emotional responses, they seek only love and honour of the rights of all life on the planet to live peaceably. 



Every day a new lesson is available to you…an opportunity for growth, self awareness and understanding. An opportunity to see that which needs attention and reforming. The challenge is in your response to this lesson: Will you stand back and observe or jump in and defend yourself? 

You can measure your growth by your response to challenges as these shine a light on any unhealed parts.



If you don't know - ask

If you can't work it out - observe

The path to understanding requires diligence and patience. 

Cover the situation in love and stand back - notice your reactions and responses.

The way of the Warrior is to know yourself and learn how to make healthy connections with earth and all her inhabitants.



How much leeway do you give yourself to make mistakes? Don't be hard on yourself - Earth is a school of learning, you will not always get it right, learning means trying over and over again until you perfect your skill. So try - keep having a go, learning from your mistakes. It takes great discipline to maintain a learning attitude, and equal amounts of discipline to give yourself leeway. The key is: Are you learning from your mistakes?


Choose Love

When the world disappoints   choose love

When your dreams crumble choose love

When all around you is chaos choose love

In this present moment, be grateful for all that you have right here right now.

Deepest Love and Blessings to you today and always - I carry you in my heart and you can call upon me telepathically or via traditional methods!

Susi x

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