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7 steps to transformation of the planet

This is a channeled message from Isis Energy

06.12.21: What does the world need to know right now?

On this day in 2021 you are conscious of change, of transformative actions that will endanger your lives if you don't actually do something about it - and my message to you is DO something about it. Stand up and speak your truth, do not be swayed by the majority - walk your path - with honour, integrity & LOVE and do not hold back.

As you raise your vibration you will raise the vibration of the planet.

How do you do this?

Mind your words - really notice the ‘energy of your statements’ keep your words based in love and all that you have passion about.

Send out Healing to yourself and the world - start with your immediate family - how do you do this? By telling them you love them, forgive, them, honour and respect them, wish the best for them and if they are hurting ‘see them whole and healed’

Stand firm in your beliefs - take off your judges wig - this is your life and you must create it as you wish - do not let others dissuade you from your intentions of love

Go into silence every day - turn off the noise and rumbling of all the unsolicited messages running through your bodies. How do you do this? Choose a few minutes a day where you can sit, focus solely on your breath and nothing else. If you are distracted keep coming back to the breath - after a while you will find it easy to go into silence.

Mind your connections - with all that is out of alignment with your beliefs, intentions, passions or love - you will know this by an uncomfortable sensation in your body or mind. You connect in the community and through streaming music, words and screens, be a guardian of your own spirit.

Trust & Honour your inner knowing, that still small voice that rises up in you. Write those knowings down and focus on them before you take any action. Sit with them in silence and wait for the right time. Share these thoughts with your trusted mentor if you have any doubts that they are based solely in Love

Walk the land - the earth - in nature. And if you can't then do this in a guided meditation

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