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A message from ISIS Saturday 19th February 2022

There is much angst in the world at the moment about all that you see. I want to reassure you all that Everything is in Perfect Order. Please stop worrying about it, please just take time to focus on yourself and then work in service for others.

Your concern, this worry, is generated and is delaying your process. It's not impacting the direction that we are taking Earth. You know the truth, your truth so please stop, just stop being so concerned.

There are financial concerns for you to actually focus on. You know that you are being squeezed financially so it's imperative that you actually focus on how you're managing your finances.

Start now, review all of your expenses, review your income and just live within your means whilst saving towards the future.

Be in collective, share your gifts, share your knowledge and resources and support each other to live simply whole and healthy.

This is the most powerful time to be on earth Earth and recovery is wholly dependent on each of you individually being in touch with yourselves, your heart space, your love and service.

When you are speaking in a public Arena whether it be on social media or whether it be in physical public spaces Focus only on everything that is good, support people by showing them how amazing they are. Talk to them about their greatness, reassure them about their fears, show them how they've survived before and how they thrived.

Make connections with people that are in source energy, speak to them, ask for their wisdom ask for their guidance and ask for their love. If you channel your guides or Angels, if you speak in other tongues or light language then use this to give full expression of that inner concern and use it to be present in that moment, without conscious awareness and allow that to rise through each cell in your body to raise your vibration.

When we connect to the mystery and Magic of who we are then we know the truth. The truth is our truth and it is at this point that we can breathe and settle and not be distracted by all the drama playing out on planet Earth today.

I urge you to experience your deepest sense of being. You were born of love and for love, you were born to share, to teach, to grow and to learn all of those things that you're doing perfectly now.

If you're alive on planet Earth today this is no accident, you are here for a reason, you are here for a purpose and you don't have to do a thing, you only have to be present.

I sincerely hope that these words will reach into to the mystery that is you and will filter through to your conscious being

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