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April Newsletter

Welcome all my new Subscribers and friends - it's so good to have you here….

March saw the launch of @followthewhiterabbitwithsusi Podcast on Youtube and I am thrilled with the feedback it is getting. To recap - after much consideration, I determined that it was time to streamline all that I do under one umbrella.


We met with Kristin with her wonderful book “Like a Compass in Her Bones” in March

We will meet Cathryn Mahoney with her new book “Oon’ch-illia” on Easter Sunday

We will meet Teresa Palmer with “Heal your Heart from Within” on 23rd April

The Pocket Book Series is open to any budding or established author and we will meet one or maybe two of our authors this month - just as we launch the 3rd & 4th book in the series:

1: “I am”, 2: “Renew”, 3: tba, 4: tba


We met Kathy Zablotsky with her Silly Sidney book, talking about Animal Communication and her new course - which I am truly excited about.

Knitting, Crochet, Pizza Making and Glass Art are attracting a new audience and showcasing some of the wonderful creative things that inspire me. Alongside beautiful walks in the countryside with Oreo

Unveiling the Magic of You

The course starts this month on Patreon

To find out more - look at The Wisdom Keeper Tier and/or join me on Monday 3rd at 18.00 as I present the course programme. (recording available if you can't make it)

You will need to purchase the book - £2.99 on Kindle and £15.99 Paperback

You can go at your own pace by following along with the videos and the exercises in the book.

Circle of Light

These circles always bring me so much joy - healing, genuine loving kindness and gentle growth. Feel free to join us and meet some of the people on my sofa and in the book club - many of us are healers, authors, wisdom keepers - here without ego or judgment to connect.

The second Monday in the Month at 18.00 London Time for an hour - please join early for a catch up and stay later if you choose.

Please know that the Circle is a Contemporary and Inclusive Community for Personal and Spiritual Development - you are completely at liberty to follow any tradition that makes your heart sing without question or need to explain.

Book 2 in the Trilogy: Medicine

I have had little time to focus on Medicine this month, but I wanted to share a little:

Sickness occurs when you have too much or too little of something = you are out of balance, out of alignment with health.

Spend time in Mystery to seek guidance from your Highest Wisdom to understand yourself and what you need to have more or less of to restore yourself to health.

Cautionary Tale

I listened to a friend talking about Law of Attraction and how some people felt ‘bullied’ by people who say - just what Medicine has said - you are out of alignment with your health. The interpretation: When life throws a curveball - you're saying I created it? When I am sick with a deadly disease - I created it. Which clearly is not correct ‘on the face of it’

I am not sure if there is a Law of Attraction, I do know that we attract things into our lives through the Reticular Activating System. e.g. When we were thinking about buying a Mazda Bongo - we saw them almost every time we went out!. This is not the same as attracting accidents, attacks or disease.

I do believe we must take responsibility for the things we can control and our reactions to things that occur to us. I invite you to take this to meditation, to mystery, to explore what the Law of Attraction means to you and how to practice caution around other people who might understand this in a different way. Love is the only way to heal the world.

If you have any ideas you want to share - please do so, this is a safe space for opposing opinions…. If you struggle with conflict - definitely join the Unveiling the Magic of You course!

Speak from Your Soul

On Saturday 22nd April - online, I will be presenting Step into Your Power alongside 11 other women - It is going to be a wonderful day - I hope you can join us.

Have a Wonderfilled April, I hope you will be able to join us at Circle, On Patreon, at

Unveiling the Magic of You Launch: Wisdom Keepers

Circle of Light:


Speak from Your Soul:

Books: - also worldwide

Unveiling the Magic of You:

Like a Compass in Her Bones:

Heal the Heart from Within:

I am (susi jones):

Renew (Pocket Book Series):

Want to join me in the Book Club or Sofa Chat? Get in touch

With Love Susi (

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