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Warriors of the Light Tribe Issue #2

Warriors of the Light Tribe     Letter for February 2024              

Welcome, if this is your first time here do reach out and ask any questions and contribute your thoughts, experiences and opportunities to this space.

As we enter into our second month of the year, it is time to do a quick scan of January… did you ‘get to the root of the issue’? Did you ‘extract the truth’? These questions relate to our Root Chakra, the energy centre at the base of our spine? 

Were you able to nurture and care for yourself to secure your root? Maybe now, check back through your journal, or look at your readings and see if there is a theme and check back onto your ‘word’ for the year to see what learning came through for you.

As part of my commitment to ‘power through’ this year, I was guided to create  daily channelled wisdom for my friends and visitors on Facebook. This has been a beautiful discipline and the gentle reminders have guided my personal and spiritual development. People asked if I was channelling Isis and the answer is I don't really know! There seems to be a line up of souls who want to share their wisdom and each day there is a different energy and ‘voice’. You will find January’s channelled messages at the end of the letter.

Energy Central

Each month we will explore the vibrational frequencies that impact us and earth 

The Sacral Chakra: This is the second chakra and is housed in your lower belly and includes your sexual organs and perineum. Commonly understood to be related to our sexuality and emotions. The colour is orange and associated with water

Goddess Isis Wisdom:  This area is the seat of your soul, it is the pathway that led you here in this body and the connection to All that is and ever was through your lineage and the lives you have experienced. Take this energy centre very seriously, it holds the highest vibration and can elevate your mood and your life experience. Yes there is an element of sexuality here, where love culminates in an explosion of orgasmic release, and for those who do not engage in intercourse, this can be achieved through deep meditation and breathwork. Many people are starved of love because they misunderstand it, it is accessible to all and should you ever be in lack, use the warmth of your hands on your sacral chakra and fill your ‘womb’ with too! 

Crystal: Carnelian is Isis’s suggestion, but any red/orange stone that attracts you. ‘Charge it up’ with your love and intention and hold it on your lower belly.

Circle of Light

A warm welcome awaits you at our Circle of Light, the first monday of the month at 6pm London Time - 7 am NZ, and works well for USA. This is a truly gentle space of loving kindness. Come along and meet other Warriors of Light. Here's the zoom link:

Keep scrolling for our directory of services and please share events that you are offering + special events so please make sure they are on the editor's desk by the 20th of each month - email with your contributions.

I ask that you share this letter with any friends and family that need to connect with like minded folk and include the link in your own newsletters to spread the word.

2024 is going to be phenomenal - glad you are here with me, check below for books and more

Power Through - with love x   


Books: - also worldwide

Books written by the Warriors of Light Tribe

Unveiling the Magic of You: Susi Jones

Unveiling the Magic of You Companion Journal

Making Life Happen (Notebook) Susi Jones

Moments of Calm (Notebook) Susi Jones

Like a Compass in Her Bones: Kristin Kozlowski

Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

Life Begins at 70: Alfred Bellanti

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Pocket Book Library 

A series of short affordable books to help you grow in power and strength with a plan for a summit in 2024

I am: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Renew: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning  Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Karen Taylor 

Anxiety to Calm: Debbie Waller & Rae Waller

The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

Do check these videos out, lots of really useful information and interesting people

Cathryn Mahoney

Gavin Bowtell

Ros Jones  

Mani Pureheart


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Called by spirit to channel words of wisdom for all Warriors of Light who walk this land, that means everyone as we are all born of light. Light is Love and whatever background you have, you are able to shine the light of love on all you meet. The more you do this, the greater the impact on your own life.


What more is there to say? Love is the answer - it is so straightforward, so simple, so easy to love… spend time with any emotion or reaction that is not born of love. Work through it and heal it so you can let go of the threads that bound you and then you will be free to go to the next lesson. The lessons this year will be quick fire, fast and easier to clear. 

You are a child of the universe - no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here - how beautiful are those words and in the knowing of this you can step forward to live the power filled life you came here to experience.

As you move through today - remember that you are love and everything you do will hold the essence of that love, in all you do be who you are - the light source directly from source to the earth - the channel is wide open now, there is nothing to fear and even those who are caught up in earth's dramas will know a new peace,


May the sun always shine on you - even when there are clouds - trust that the sun is still shining. Faith is when you have a deep sense of knowing - without proof or need to search for it. 

There is a deeper meaning in everything - don't take things at face value and don't waste time searching for something that is not there. See what is before you with new eyes - look at all of the elements of it and decide which ones are true for you and then the why - don't spend lengthy time (or should I say waste time) on things that will not serve you. First check if you are in alignment with it and then explore further without expectation.

There is a truth that you still don't understand completely and that is that your life is already mapped out - you are the architect of this life and your highest wisdom has got a plan and only asks you to be willing. So stress less - and if you find yourself out of alignment with any aspect of this world first check with your highest wisdom to establish if you are blocking the way.

Your relationship with your highest wisdom and your physical body needs more work - they are here to serve you - to serve your purpose. Your mind may steer you away from your purpose and this is why you need to build stronger bonds and listen more closely to innate wisdom.

So for today - be free… follow your path you have already designed and enjoy every moment. For this is your life.


Wake up! Yes you are not asleep but truly you are, just moving forward in the same old ways - so stop just for a moment and observe yourself. Observe your body, the way it moves, observe your mouth, the words that come out, observe your thoughts, the good and the bad and most importantly observe your relationships. Make no changes today - just observe. Let each observation be a powerful propellant towards the changes YOU want to make. This is not about judgement or anyone else's idea of transformation, this is what YOU want to change because of your own observation. The more you do this the more you become awake, alert and present. The more awake and alert you become the clearer your purpose will be - and do remember your purpose is transient - it is not a solid state - each purpose leads to the next transformation and so it goes on. 


Freedom is an internal experience that holds no correlation with the external. You might be imprisoned in life but are you in spirit? The answer is categorically no because your spirit is free to fly at any time to any place. 

So in practical terms this manifests as a place of knowing, knowing who you are in the physical and in spirit. The closer you get to aligning the physical and spiritual aspects of self, the less concerned you will be with the outer world, because the freedom of mind will enable you to accept those things you cannot change and guide you forward to your purpose.

So from here today, right now in this moment, notice your external world as an observer. Notice how it aligns with your desires and purpose of today and where you are out of kilter, shine your light in meditation or silence and lean into your highest wisdom who will show the way. 

As a warrior of light, every lesson you master, the more you will understand the way of the Warrior. Think of all those people you want to wake up to the beauty of earth and all its inhabitants and how each day your light is doing its work.

And Susi - take heed of this lesson - this is vital for you - you know the way and have become sidetracked. Read back and truly embrace the messages of this month.


And so it is… it is a time of great chaos and misunderstandings, a time of peace and a time of war. Based on the principle that everything is in perfect order - where do you stand today? 

Do you sit with reality, fight it or deny it? 

As a warrior of Light - which is love brought through peace, there is a need to create a space and resting place in your life. It is here in the silence that you fill your cup, that you heal your hurts and release your shadows, it is here where you can hear the whispers of the trees, and feel the pulse of earth. It is here where you gain guidance and find peace. ‘And so it is’ no longer feels like defeat, it feels full of possibility for a changed world.

Today, time will not stand still, in every moment there are sparks of light from people around this planet that are raining peace upon earth. 


Earth time is unique to earth and must not be confused with energy in the cosmos. You are limiting yourselves by marking time as it has become your ‘ruler’. As a warrior of light you are indeed beyond the constraints of time, each time you shine your light you are entering into a new way of being, you are becoming far more than you are letting go. 

There are natural rhythms that your linear time is subverting and it is time to really start reading and honouring the natural rhythm of life. You see this in the seasons, the life and death of a tree, the ebb and flow of the tides. 

Today, take time to listen to your body more. Listen to when it has an overflow of energy, when it calls hunger or thirst, when it needs rest and when your mind is fresh and your heart is full. All of these signal your rhythm and need attention. 

You are living on earth to experience life, to bring attention to life and all its complexities on the planet, so live - that is your calling and your purpose. It may not be easy to hold the light when you are out of balance with your calling, when your body and soul are not in alignment. As you wake up more each day the disparity you feel can be overwhelming, use this feeling to explore deeper aspects of yourself, not to despair or lower your vibration, simply to observe and bring to silence so that your highest wisdom has your attention and can share its wisdom. 

A warrior requires discipline and you will not remember all of the lessons we are sharing, so don't make this a trial - each day, absorb the information then carry on with living - transformation will be subtle and sustainable. 


Speak up - I can’t hear you. Yes it is time to start speaking your truth - tell those who you love about your thoughts and your experiences, don't overwhelm them, just drop little truth bombs along the way. You see when you do this you are shining your light in all manner of ways: A gentle hand on the shoulder and genuine loving words of hope will shine light onto people in distress. They will ‘feel’ the warmth of your love and that will light their path through their darkness. 

Being a Warrior of Light every day, in the small seemingly insignificant things is changing the world. If people laugh or scoff at your words, don't take it personally, you are speaking to their highest wisdom and the more profound their reaction, the more grateful their soul is for the reminder to wake up. Remember you are a channel of universal light and the outcome is not your responsibility.

Order and discipline are the way - breathe into it more and let your life flow with more ease.


Choice - what is at the root of the choices you make? As Warriors of Light you choose every day how, where and when to shine your light. This may be a conscious choice or the universe delivering opportunities to you. 

Today we invite you to look at the choices you are making in life. Are you choosing the easy or difficult path? Are you choosing love and kindness starting with yourself, your words and your direction in life or are you still playing that game of being small? 

Use today to observe your words, actions and thoughts that reflect your choices and how your path opens up or closes before you. Notice everything and make choices about areas of life that you want to change. At the heart of the choices you make that don't serve you are those shadow aspects, the unhealed, hurt places. Today hand them over to your guides, angels and highest wisdom to filter and guide you towards your own healing. 

Can the hurt and unhealed be Warriors of Light? Yes absolutely, your story will reach the heart of those who have suffered too. Stand firm in every ounce of strength that you have as you grow in grace every day.


If you look, as if through the eyes of a child at this amazing world, you will begin to see magic… you might find wonder in the movement of an insect and you can get lost in the experience of making marks in the sand. 

As a warrior of light, you are called to take the veil from your eyes, remove the lens of judgement and open your eyes to everything around you. The more magic and wonder you experience, the more you can shine your light. When you walk past another and exchange pleasantries, instead of the usual hello, you can draw attention to the magic all around you. This will be just what they needed to hear and will inspire them to look more closely at what you shared, be it the clouds racing, the trees swaying, the glimpse of the moon. 

When we get in tune with nature we are closer to All that Is in the universe. 


Starving - the world is starved of love, more and more are realising that it's time to break free of old patterns of behaviour - time to elevate out of the density of this time space reality. As the earth spins this year, more and more will make the choice to free themselves of the shackles of their limiting beliefs and indoctrination. Even though you are still in the process of healing, it's time to rise above the ‘feelings’ and go into service to our world. 

Today, do one thing that challenges you, take one risk and open up to another about your journey and how you are changing your mind and learning new skills, talk about the power of nature, healing, eating healthier, spending more time in the sun and how you are no longer attracted to the things that kept you blind. Your story is important and when shared with authenticity and humility it will move people.  And remember to tell people you love them today.


Competition - within the framework of a world where love is the key, there is no need for competition. Striving to be better is great, striving to be better than your fellow humans leads to judgement and fear that we are not good enough, or that we are better. 

As a Warrior of Light, striving to belong to a tribe of like minded souls, to raise others up and to work collaboratively for the good of all, even those not in your tribe drives the light deep into community and shifts the world one spark at a time. 

Today in your meditation or silence, ponder these words to know where your path leads and if there are any modifications you need to make to achieve your personal and collective best.


Freedom, today notice every aspect of life where you are free to speak, make choices, determine how you spend time, what and when you eat and who you speak to or share time with. 

When we focus on gratitude for all the things we take for granted, it has a greater impact on our light. When we focus on what we haven't got is when our light dims. Today as we commit to observing and noticing our freedom, we will grow ever more powerful and also notice when our light is at its brightest.


Creating space in life for rest, silence and peace, will raise your capacity to create, to have new ideas, to be inspired and to follow through with action. As a Warrior of Light you need to be mindfully aware of your own needs, yes you are serving the world but serving that leads to emptiness is neither beneficial to you or the world.

When you create resting spaces you increase your capacity for light because in those moments you are ‘letting go’ of all the dross that has collected throughout the day. See it as a cleanser if that motivates you, rather like a fast, when you give your body time to assimilate nutrition and restore balance.


Shame dims your light. There isn't a person who has lived on earth that didn't make a mistake. Forgive yourself each time that shame pops up in your mind, if you need to ask forgiveness of another or make amends do that. BUT first shine your light of love onto the situation and anyone involved. 


Forgiveness…when you stand in pure love before the face of those who have hurt you, you stand without ego or base human emotions. Here in this light you can process the hurt, the impact of the actions and the outcomes and allow your spirit to clean the slate. Then you are free, history is rewritten and you no longer drag that weight behind you. Standing firm in the light of pure love is an act of divinity and will flood you with healing light. 


Curiosity: when we are curious we are like a child, we come from a place of not knowing with an impetus to know. As you walk through life, be like a child, explore, investigate, play with and find fun in each experience. Make no judgments before really finding ways to understand everything you need to know. 


Be strong even when you are feeling weak, be strong. If you succumb to weakness then you will lose the path - the path of the warrior is challenging and it only takes a wisp of wind to knock you off the path when you choose weakness. Some might say this is resilience and yes it is but the first step is BEing strong. 


Noone can dictate how you should live, what you must wear, eat, where you reside, these are not the Way of the Warrior. The warrior makes a conscious choice every moment of every day. There are times you will choose in support of others, there are times when you put your own needs first. 

Without judgement, take each opportunity to make choices and today, observe what you are doing or how you are reacting and responding to old stories and paradigms. With this observation you will know your next step on the path of Light.


Seeking out the light is the Way of the Warrior, to gently remove the layers that bind you, to openly and enthusiastically seek out the light in every situation, to find hope, trust, faith and joy in all endeavours. The path will light up before you the more you trust that inner voice, that whisper from spirit, that gentle knowing will guide your path. Today as you live your life, live it with a new energy, live it with lightness of spirit, joyfully turning over every stone to gaze in wonder at the life hidden beneath. 


Rest…throughout your history and within your religious communities a day is aligned for  rest, this is important and we think you have forgotten this. With the advent of 24 hour lifestyles you are putting yourselves at risk if you don’t allocate a day for rest and recuperation. In source energy we have school and play, we use play time to gather and integrate our learning, this is the way of the warriors of light - you need to take time to integrate all your learning and connect with your tribe. Make it a daily practice to include resting spaces and weekly practice to stop the treadmill.


Turning off the noise…a Warrior of Light seeks to silence the mind of the world's chatter, we learn to listen to our hearts and that still small voice. When we enter into that place, where nothing is more important than our connection to All that Is, the earth beneath our feet, the wisp of air and the sunlight or moonlight on our skin, then we know we are connected to a greater power. It is in these moments we get our directives, our mission, our purpose and the armour we need to achieve our path. 

Do not be afraid of silence, where the hidden fears live. Fear is only the absence of Love, so fill yourself to the brim and  go gently into that space with courage and a guide if you need one. 


There is no Them and Us. Every human on this planet is a source of light, whether they choose to shine their light, dim their light or live in the shadows is either a contract they made before incarnating or nurtured through social influence or life experience. Each human can choose change, they can go from the darkest shadows to the brightest light, that is human potential. 

As a Warrior of Light, you have chosen to Shine Bright your Light and that can mean shining into the shadowlands. It is no secret that your world is in flux, that separation and fear are at their height of experience for millenia and that the need for Light is Urgent. 

You ask about those who masquerade as humans, all we can say is that they are our business and not yours to concern yourself with. Focus on those who you meet, those whose lives you can touch and if we call on you for action be prepared.


Dreamtime…as Warriors of Light you will experience dream time - a place of neither wakefulness or sleep where you will be given instruction, guidance, encouragement and permission. Dreamtime is a sacred space that can be entered through meditation, mindfulness, prayer and time away from distraction and electrical energy in nature - trees, water and deserts. 

Dreamtime will enable you to see beyond your now, to predict/prophecy the next steps on your journey and possible outcomes, which will bring discernment and understanding to your purpose. This reassurance and clarity will empower you to Shine your Brightest Light where it is most needed.


Worth - your worth is not measured by Earth standards, your value exceeds any expectations, we only ask one thing - that you shine your light everywhere you go. The deeper you love, the brighter your light. Start with yourself and then you will never be in a state of lack.


Love…when you love, love with all your heart, put aside your own prejudices and love freely. It is the greatest gift you can give to another, and if another says they love you but… then you know that that is all they can give because they are not whole. Accept & celebrate the weakest expressions of love like adding lost pennies to your piggy bank. (this was a very young soul speaking)


Acorn…each seed holds the secret of life, it knows its capacity, it knows it can grow into a full expression of itself, yet might not. Not all acorns grow into Oak trees, not all humans grow into functional and healthy adults, however everything you need is encapsulated in you from the beginning of time and is accessible to you today. 

Warriors of Light, we call you to judge less, to love more and to teach others the Way of the Warrior.


Breathe… breath is life and you've forgotten how to breathe to bring in the spirit - the life force, the guidance and direction you so desire. Through the breath you can heighten your awareness, create peace within and gird yourself for battle. 

Today, notice your breath and expand your lung capacity however that works for you, observing your responses to teach yourself how to change your state through the power of the breath. Take time today with your trees as they are the lungs of earth.


Choose your words wisely today, the impact of your words can bring light or dampen the spirit and diminish the light of others. Heartfelt words are the most powerful for both the speaker and the listener.


If “All the world’s a stage”, what role will you play today? If you were born in a different time and place what role would you assign yourself? As a Warrior of Light both then and now, what gifts from that time would you bring with you? Today ‘set the scene’ for the roles you are playing and direct your life in the direction of your dreams.


Love tokens

I dropped in on a group of souls having a lot of fun, I asked what was happening and they said “we are making ‘love tokens’, sparkling energy balls that we drop onto people who need them…” 

“As a Warrior of Light, your purpose is to shine light on people, random strangers, family, friends and neighbours and work colleagues. Imagine a soap bubble filled with love energy landing on each person, so light that they will not notice, but so impactful that their lives will transform” 

Please enjoy these messages which are in the public domain, if you choose to quote from them please reference their source. See my facebook page for a daily message: SusiJones37

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