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Warriors of the Light Tribe

Issue #1     

Welcome, if this is your first time here do reach out and ask any questions and contribute your thoughts, experiences and opportunities to this space.

We are all one - we might not know each other but we are joined in our individual and collective mission to Shine Bright and shine light into our world. The vibration we create on the earth creates transformation, we all have a different purpose and a different way we present to the world - but there is nothing that can separate us when we focus only on love.

Each one of us is full of wisdom, full to the brim of love and we have one intention to be present - in this moment. That means we are listening, observing and responding with love. Warriors of love do not fight, do not claim power and do no harm to ourselves and all who reside here on this planet.

Some of us meet in our free Circle of Light on the first Monday of the month at 6pm London time for an hour - check the link below. Here you can grow in strength and wisdom and share your powerful gifts with us.

January 2024, the beginning of a new era, a time to rise, a time to ‘power through’ a time to connect across the globe and shine our wondrous light on everything we see. The world is full of contrast and has always been, now is our time to rise as a collective force of love. Throughout our history nations and cities have been lost because the collective would not heed the words of the wise - we can see this once again and Earth does not want this to happen - so if you are here - you are called to join this tribe and it is important that you know you are perfect right now with all your flaws and imperfections if your intention is for love.

Energy Central

Each month we will explore the vibrational frequencies that impact us and earth 

The Root Chakra is found at the base of the spine, here is the Goddess Isis’s wisdom about this energy centre. Before you read, close your eyes for a moment and be silent, listening to and observing your breath. Then focus your attention on the base of your spine and imagine that there is a light rising from earth, through your root chakra, up your spine and out of your head all the way into the cosmos and All that Is (God) 

Goddess Isis Wisdom: Get to the root of the issue: this is the basis of all understanding and when we focus on the truth we have found the root. If our roots are drinking from poisonous water, or if they have been damaged by destruction, we find it hard to stand firm, we sway with the wind and begin to crumble. Do not be afraid, if you recognise yourself in this analogy it means you have now opened your eyes to the possible truth and are strong enough to face every opportunity that comes your way to ‘secure your root’. Use this time now to go back into the breath and call upon your angels, guides, ancestors and your highest wisdom to guide you along a new healing pathway.


You can embrace the power of crystals to support the opening and cleansing of this chakra. Black Tourmaline is the crystal I am being drawn to:

With a clean crystal of your choice - in a meditative state through the breath, warm the crystal in your hand to activate its energy, imagine the energies swirling in the stone and hold the stone at the base of your spine (from the front) and in your minds eye imagine that the crystal is magnetising any negativity, disease of mind, spirit or body attached to the root and stay there until the crystal has completed its work. You can just enjoy these moments of silence listening to your breath. When you have finished, cleanse your crystal  in sunlight or moonlight. (not all crystals can be washed so do check)


Start the year by charting your progress and keep scrap paper to write about any negativity that requires burning after. And at the end of the year you can see how far you have come. There are some journals written by our tribe in the book list below. 

Choosing a Word

Each year I choose a word - it is given to me in meditation and I find that it is a powerful ally and guide in each experience. This year my word is ‘power through’. It tells me that I will rekindle any lost power if I am willing to ‘power through’ any difficulty. I look forward to overcoming the challenges that 2024 will offer.  I will be offering the opportunity to find your word as a ‘gift’ in our upcoming Circle of Light 01.01.2024 at 6pm London time. Others will be offering their gifts too so it should be an exciting event. Here's the link

I want to build a directory of services that you offer + special events so please make sure they are on the editor's desk by the 20th of each month - email with your contributions. contributions to Sacral Chakra too please

I ask that you share this with any friends and family that need to connect with like minded folk and include the link in your own newsletters to spread the word.

2024 is going to be phenomenal - glad you are here with me, check below for books and more

Power Through - with love x   


Books: - also worldwide

Books written by the Warriors of Light Tribe

Unveiling the Magic of You: Susi Jones

Unveiling the Magic of You Companion Journal

Making Life Happen (Notebook) Susi Jones

Moments of Calm (Notebook) Susi Jones

Like a Compass in Her Bones: Kristin Kozlowski

Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

Life Begins at 70: Alfred Bellanti

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Pocket Book Library 

A series of short affordable books to help you grow in power and strength with a plan for a summit in 2024

I am: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Renew: Susi Jones (Journal style)

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning  Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Karen Taylor 

Anxiety to Calm: Debbie Waller & Rae Waller

The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

Cathryn Mahoney

Gavin Bowtell

Ros Jones  

Mani Pureheart


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