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Its over...December final newsletter

2024 heralds a new opportunity for you and all who are reading this, it is the time to shine your light on the world and as we walk through the festivals surrounding these Holidays, we are reminded that we are Light…

Now for many the idea that we are ‘light’ is confusing so I want to explore the concept with some ideas that have been pinging their way to me through conversations, social media, my guides and prayers: And if you recognise yourself in any of this - shine brighter in the knowledge that you are an influencer. I will focus on the Christmas Story - but in my research I find all major religions speak of light in similar ways:

The Christian story hinges on a man called Jesus (a fairly common name of the day) he claimed to be The Messiah, the long awaited God given Saviour of Mankind, The Anointed one, the Light of the World: The very people who were expecting him, killed him… why? Because he didn't show up as they were expecting, he was born and lived on earth a humble man, he challenged what they believed and they sentenced him to death.

This month as we celebrate the beginning of this story, the birth of Christ, we ask ourselves what Christmas is about for us? I believe it is not about Santa, overspending or overindulging, it is about Light and we use candles and fairy lights as symbols for this in most towns and homes. If Christ came to bring light to the world we can assume that the world was darkened by ‘beliefs that separated people from the truth’. And today as we look around our planet then we know it is still dark and the Christian story did not achieve its objective.

I hold a thought that when Christ reportedly said “I am the Light of the World” that he actually said “YOU are the LIGHT of the WORLD” and therefore we are called to Shine Bright to eradicate the dark. Why the church leaders would remove this unique and beautiful truth can only have been to separate us from our true selves and put the mission of Light into the hands of trained ‘priests’ who preached the dogma they were taught. From what I understand Jesus was against any dogma that separated people from their power or each other.

Further exploring why YOU need to shine bright this Christmas/Holiday time:

Dark is Fear - and we all have to face our own darkness (shadow) and not run away from it. We must first recognise and own up to our biggest fears and how they play out in life. By shining a light on our fears it will enable us to find ways to heal… Consider this: Fear is the absence of Love, and if we yell and get angry, harm ourselves or others then we are acting out of fear… and we can heal as we choose to transform and lean towards love.

Light is Love - this takes practice when we are called to love the unlovely - don't start there, start with self: nurture your body, mind and spirit with love every day, the food you eat, the way you spend your time - finding all possible ways to love yourself - what an amazing gift you are! When you are well practised in self love, then you can radiate that to family and friends and practise more, eventually finding ways to love the unlovely.

These simple steps will lead you forward and as I celebrate the 1st Anniversary of my book Isis Wisdom: Unveiling the Magic of You - I highly recommend this beautiful wisdom channelled from Goddess Isis to help you in your journey - the final stage is called Shine Bright and those who have worked through the book are most definitely shining brighter.

2024 is a year of Personal Transformation, a time to STOP doing the same things: to really take stock of what information you are feeding yourself, what is stimulating you, what is holding you captive. Numerology tells us that 2024 is the number 8 and 8’s represent the need to balance our material and spiritual world.

Spiritual world? I know that might be a trigger for some here as once again our culture has veiled our understanding. You are a spirit - when you die (and I have seen many people die), your spirit lifts out of your body and all that is left is a shell - where your spirit goes is another story (you can read my book for some clarity if you are curious). You've probably said things like - he’s got spirit - he’s energetic, lively and spirited - SO now you know what your spirit is - it's YOU, the energy that pulsates through you and Lights you up! - did you notice the word LIGHT?

So how much energy and time are you putting into your spiritual world v. Material world? I'm not suggesting you sell all your earthly goods of course not! It's about Balance - what is more important: T

he new ‘latest craze’ or spending time with loved ones and supporting those in need? I find the simplest way to ‘listen to my spirit’ is to enter into silence, a walk in nature or taking myself into a quiet space to listen to my heart and grow comfortable and trusting of my intuition.

As we build our tribe of Light workers we will eradicate the darkness - we are warriors with the sword of the spirit - no guns, no fighting, no maiming or murder, our greatest weapon is Love.

You are always welcome to our free Circle of Light where we consciously grow in power and strength for the love of our world. Oh yes and the next message you get from me will not be called a Newsletter so look in your inbox on 31st December and until then… Shine Bright and enjoy all the festivities

Much love Susi

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