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We are a Being, what does that entail?

We are a Human Being - a special creation living on Planet Earth made of flesh, blood, bones, consciousness.

We are an Energy Being - we are a forcefield of energy with energy centres within and outside our body, we choose to use our energy for both positive and negative outcomes.

We are a Light Being - like the firefly we emit light energy and shine our light in dark places to reveal truth and eradicate fear

We are a Spiritual Being - we are infinite souls who choose to incarnate on Earth for the benefit of learning and evolution.

Human Beings are made of stardust, interconnected with planet Earth and All its inhabitants. We are a collective, unable to function without each other. The purpose of our lives is to find ways to live in harmony whilst experiencing contrast - the Yin and Yang of living.

Why are YOU here today? What are you learning about living in Harmony that will benefit the Collective?

Harmony is Balance, its neutral, compassionate, forgiving, understanding, accepting, its equality, and most importantly Love.

The Yin & Yang Balance of Earth is in a state of challenge. We are in a material, technical age of greed, a throw away society, lacking moral compass, compassion, or equality. We have wealth in abundance and starvation, the polarity is harsh, and the motivations of the ‘elite’ are questionable.


It always has been and always will be, the ebb and flow of life on Earth, she teaches us everyday that life is not static, that it is not all “love and light” that it is real. We only have to notice the seasons, the movements of the ocean, the flow of the rivers to know that there are gentle times and harsh times, creative and destructive times.

If we look back at history, there are many civilisations that have fallen, many collectives who became entitled and blinded by greed, addiction and ignorance and chose to ignore the Wisdom Keepers of the day.

IF you are here on Planet Earth TODAY - there is a reason, you are here for a purpose, you are here TODAY to seek HARMONY. Find ways to change your mind about things, to tell a new story of hope, forgiveness and love.

What will you CHOOSE to do today that will repair relationships, heal your hurts?

You see you do have a CHOICE, you can live with the old story, you can bemoan your circumstance or you can SHINE YOUR LIGHT of LOVE onto the world.

Imagine that you can rise high above the Earth, into the cosmos and as you look down on earth it is in darkness. Dotted across the globe are light rods, rising high above the earth's atmosphere and as you watch more and more light rods turn on and Earth becomes brighter.

You notice that the darkness becomes darker, condensed in some way by the presence of light, the light is squeezing the darkness, making less room for it to dominate, and in its terror of losing dominion, it acts out more violently, desperately creating new ways to take back control.

Float back to earth with a greater understanding of your role, to bring harmony by shining your light of Love to all.

Without doubt your life is absolutely imperative to the future of our civilisation, your role is vital and even if that means you transition and leave your physical being behind, that is also part of the plan. You will return, with new knowledge, power and strength to support the Collective in 20 years time or so, to build a new age without tyrany.

Isis Wisdom: Unveiling the Magic of You will be published soon, it is a workbook that will guide your transformation, it will teach you to Shine Bright, to be luminous, to live harmoniously with your own mind, community and the Light Bearers on Earth. It will enhance your life from wherever you stand right now.

Join the collective of Wisdom Keepers and our Circle of Light in 2023 for the benefit of all. If you subscribe to our Newsletter you will receive all the information you need. or reach out through social media for a discovery call.

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