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Breaking Old Agreements

We are only truly FREE when we let go of all the baggage of our past.

Today I explored this concept in Meditation...

I considered all the people I had made bonds with over the years that are no longer in my life, People I cherished then but life moved on and we're out of contact. Those bonds are still active - they are unfinished business and unfinished business is baggage.

So I have decided to go through my life one person at a time and "close down" all those past relationships, which will not only set me free but my cherished ones too.

Can you imagine the power in this?

Are you ready to start that process?

On Monday 18th October from 19.00 - 21.00 (approx)

I am launching a Wisdom Workshop

We will explore Breaking Old Agreements through the words of Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements

Your personal Invitation Awaits as you can attend for FREE - a try before you buy deal. IF you enjoy the workshop you might choose to join in the others planned - look at the website for more information and to book.

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