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Building Resilience

As we move towards late Autumn, it's time to start looking after ourselves. So often with Christmas around the corner, we get caught up with all the things we should or must do.

So before you get carried along on that wave - lets take a time to prepare ourselves

A Review:

Don't shy away from the truth - as you know it sets you free:

  1. How healthy is your sleep pattern?

  2. How much exercise are you taking?

  3. How Healthy is your diet?

  4. How much filtered water are you drinking daily?

  5. How is your body care routine?

  6. How much time are you taking for quiet reflection?

  7. How much time are you taking for meditation or mindfulness practice?

  8. How much time are you taking for creativity, laughter and fun?

  9. How much time are you spending with positive people?

  10. Are you fulfilled?

Now take a while to consider what small change you can make to achieve YOUR desires?

Change doesn't have to be dramatic, keep it simple, keep it focussed and in the direction of all that you want.


I was raised to be of service, to give without thought for myself, and this mantra lead me down some pretty dark and dismal paths. I am an absolute advocate for ONLY giving from your Fullness. You cannot truly serve others, if you are depleted - and we all know energy vampires that would let you collapse whilst you serve their needs.

I always think of Resilience -being rather like a tree - blowing in the wind - it stands firm, deeply planted it has the capacity to weather any storm and spring back after the wind has stopped.

When you take the time to 'stand firm', to ensure your own needs are met - you are Resilient and can take on the world.

I also believe that with resilience we increase our immunity to other people's BS!

On a personal note - I have started to massage my feet morning and evening - a real deep fascia massage, if you find any twinges, just apply light pressure with your in breath and relax with the out breath - I am finding that the twinge goes away after a couple of breaths - and it has improved my sleep and Im actually feeling more energetic. Let me know if this helps you too!

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