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December Newsletter

Reflection on November

My word for the year was Balance and as the year draws to its close, I see the greatest need for us all to be mindful of our lives and the influences we allow into our homes. From a world perspective, chaos and fear continue, it's rather like playing hide and seek with a spectre as we are tossed around, fearful of heating our homes and becoming more vigilant with our spending. These concerns created the December Blog as the impact on our Communities Mental Health is concerning. We MUST all find our PEACE and the only way to do this is by connecting to our Innate Wisdom. I truly believe that when we build resilience, focus on our health and wellbeing, focus on our strengths and look within for LOVE: Then fear to the greatest degree is eradicated.

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Look after your Heart. DO you know how powerful your heart is? When we think with our heart and not our heads, we get into far less trouble! Can I suggest you reflect on the word ‘Treat’ what is a treat?

We use this as a reward and more often than not, those treats are really unhealthy, packed full of sugar, preservatives, basically poisons! I recall my father telling me about their Treat at Christmas (did you notice the lack of ‘s’ there?) It was an Orange. One singular orange was their treat. And yet we have become so consumerist that we disregard the humble orange as a treat. I will leave this with you without judgement - one should never throw stones when one lives in a glass house.


In 2022 I was blessed with the opportunity of joining Hay House Community and I have been privileged to meet some amazing people who I am honoured to call friends. In 2023 I will be creating a directory of people who I know and can heartily recommend in the book, art and therapy world. I hope this will serve you as there is so much ‘noise’ out in the world, sometimes we just don't know where to turn.

I have so many books on my Christmas list and some that I know will be published next year. Do pop through your old newsletters to see the books and authors recommended this year.

Isis WIsdom Unveiling the Magic of You: Paperback & Kindle, + paperback Companion Journal will be available on and in December. The album of Guided Meditations from the book will also be available by Christmas.

Please join me at my Birthday/Book Launch Party on 7th at 19.30 GMT


A Meditation on Light

As we celebrate Christmas & Winter Solstice, we can so readily get caught up in materialism, family conflicts and dynamics and financial concerns.

In this short (15 minute) meditation, you can experience the Gift of Christmas, your personal Festival of Light.

Your guided meditation is on the footer of my website:


We are all creative in one way or another, life is not a competition! When we are doing what we love, what brings us peace and happiness, then we are being creative.

The Jones household is more often than not a ‘hot mess’ of creativity, with music, art, yarn and writing. We love cooking and eating too!

So however you Create - Create! And here I will let you into a secret…. In 2023 I will be creating a VLOG on Youtube with Behind the Scenes additions on Patreon. You will get to see some of the Hot Mess in process and come on some adventures with me with my Gimbal which I believe will be hiding under our Christmas Tree… it was on my list and I think I've been good 🤗


Mushroom Wellington

This is our usual go- to for special meals. To be honest, they are never the same as I really do prefer to use what is in the fridge so alternatives are possible with everything on the list!

Ingredients (in order) Method

Heat oil in heavy bottomed pan

Red onions (1-2) Chopped and sautéd in oil

Flat or Portobello Mushrooms (punnet) Chopped fine add to onions

Garlic (2-3 cloves) Minced add to onions and mushrooms

Peppers (mixed) (1-2) Chopped fine add to pan

Spices: salt, pepper, smoked paprika, turmeric. Add to pan, stir turn off the heat

Herbs: Thyme Add to pan

Transfer to large bowl

Mixed Nuts & seeds (100-200grams) Chop in food processor add to bowl

Chestnuts (optional) Chop in food processor add to bowl Sweet potato Grate and add to bowl

Gram Flour (chickpea) ( add a spoon at a time) add to bowl

Flax/chia seeds (alternative to egg) add to bowl

Mix together with your hands

Grease a loaf tin and bake at 160’c

Bake for 45 minutes

When you are ready to construct… the nut roast can be left in fridge overnight.

Punnet Mushrooms (large) Slice and fry off, leave in pan

2 sheets of Puff Pastry or homemade Lay one on greased/lined baking tray

Put the nut roast on the sheet

Lay sliced mushrooms on top of nut roast

Cover with second sheet and seal

Cut off excess and use to create leaves etc

Glaze with milk and bake in a hot oven

Remove when golden

Circle of Light

Our Circle of Light will join in the Birthday/Book Launch Celebration on Zoom on 7th December We will resume in February as I am taking a Sabbatical in January for health reasons.


Take some time every day to sit in silence, considering everything that is in your life, every person, thing, space, opportunity. IF it wasn't for all of those past experiences you wouldn't be here, yes right here, right now. IF you were able to turn back the clock, everything would be out of order. It isn't necessarily easy to believe this …but if you really take this to Mystery, in silence then the truth of it becomes clearer: EVERYTHING IS IN PERFECT ORDER. Once we have this in our hearts and our minds, gratitude becomes ever easier to practise. And the MAGIC of Gratitude is that it changes our perspective, which changes our energy and changes our relationships within our space, with our things and more importantly with people.

And know - that I am grateful for you, the support you have given me throughout the year and the joy you have brought me is priceless. Also thank you for the LIGHT you have shone in dark places, transforming people's lives and the energy of the planet.

Date for your December Diary

Topic: BOOK Launch Birthday Bash

Time: Dec 7, 2022 19:30 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 1772 0109

Passcode: 146442

Special Offer

I have some time between 8th and 23rd December to offer Intuitive Readings for 2023 - In this interactive session I use a variety of cards, read them for you with Intuited messages from Isis and you write what resonates in your diary for each month. Get in touch as the price will go up in 2023 - normal price £65 with discount £52. The level of accuracy has astonished myself and those who return each year for a new reading.

I encourage you to subscribe to receive this monthly newsletter and special offers. And if you would like your power and strength rekindled - get in touch for a free discovery call: Welcome20% discount on services for your first session. Contact me through social media or susijones37 Susi Jones (@isis_wisdom)

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