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In my book writing journey I have selected a short section in the first stage/chapter to create short videos which are playing daily this week in the Facebook Group: Isis Wisdom

The theme is Forgiveness - I know that is often a difficult process to get your head around.

I have always advocated Ho'oponopono an ancient Hawaiian practice that brings peace and harmony within the community. It is a truly beautiful process and I highly recommend anyone investigating this. Gail Costello led the Circle of Light Group in a Ho'oponopono meditation in March and it was beautiful

Isis has now brought another process to us and this is the source of the videos I have created with steps to take along the way in the private group. You are invited to join the group to enjoy this training which concludes with a meditation.

After the week is completed I will convert these into training session that will be available to you so keep an eye on my Facebook posts or email me directly at

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