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Isis Healing Codes

This weekend in the Health & Healing Festival in York we introduced the full package of Isis Healing Codes to 10 wonderful women. For the past year we (Isis and I) have been supporting people’s health and wellbeing through remote scans and downloads. BUT the power that came through the Healing and Codes was accelerated through the human connection.

The Body Scans were intensive and thorough with profound messages channelled from Isis, offering visualisations and guidance to seek professional support for mobility and nutrition mostly. (we do not diagnose or prescribe).

There were many occasions where we performed psychic surgery and removed shadows and with one very lovely woman we noticed her whole body and movement had ‘lightened’ when we saw her later in the day.

The Time Line Reviews were especially interesting as these wonderful women took responsibility for healing their past. Now they have the tools that will support their quality of life going forwards. We all have stories that are limiting us and this simple yet highly effective tool ‘lifts’ the glue that keeps us bound.

I loved the Genealogy Reviews although there was little time to do major work in ancestral healing but all of the women made steps towards freeing themselves from the ‘curses’ or thoughtforms from their families past.

And then onto the Light Language Healing Codes:

First the Clearing Code - this begins the process of restoration of cells, we aimed these at the areas of concern to start their gentle work.

Then the Written Code - these are beautiful and so unique to all, sometimes they look like squiggles or complex symbols - they do not repeat, although there is similarity in some cases. You use this as your personal vibrational Healing Code every day as often as you can in order to advance the healing.

Finally the Phonetic Code - this is a phrase or word that is channelled through Light Language and is used with the Visual or Written Code on a daily basis. This is again unique and not a known language although some people have found translations.

The Festival was a perfect place to bring Isis Wisdom and Healing Codes to the people of York. We will be in Leeds on the 16th & 17th July, the first 30 minute sessions on both days @10.15 will attract a substantial discount.

Working with Goddess Isis Energy is an honour and privilege, now that we are familiar with the full process we offer this service online through the Zoom Platform - book through the website or via email

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4 comentários

It sounds like you and Isis have a lot of work to do bringing healing to people. I so love what you do 💖

Susi Jones
Susi Jones
30 de abr. de 2022
Respondendo a

Yes indeed. Not taking things at face value mostly!! 🤣😂

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