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March Newsletter with Susi Jones

I am so thrilled to bring you what I am calling the First Newsletter of 2023… a new format - a new way of being. I decided last year to bring all that I do under one umbrella. I am not sure it is the best marketing strategy, but sometimes you just have to break the mould/mold (USA) and do what is right for you.

This will simplify my life… and that is important, as an advocate of self care - I need to offer an example. I have dreams, plans and thrills to enjoy, whilst honouring my purpose of bringing healing to the world in small, quiet and gentle ways.

2023 so far has brought more chaos and distress to so many, conspiracies abound, truths leaking out and issues being avoided… fear is being ramped up and people are creating fearful stories.

Finding an Oasis of Calm can be difficult… so here's my offer:

You Tube: @followthewhiterabbitwithsusi

Weekly Podcast -

Chat with me whilst I walk Oreo in the beautiful landscape of the UK, knit, crochet, sew, cook and art.

Let's talk about writing and books in The Book Club where we meet authors and ‘have a go’ ourselves.

Meet some incredible artists, healers, practitioners in Sofa Chat and

Finish each podcast with a moment of mindfulness and meditation.


So many of you asked why I give so much for free… and wondered how you could contribute to the work I am doing. Patreon seemed the answer.

There are 3 tiers where you will always get early access to public videos on Youtube. Also take outs or bloopers and behind the scenes additional videos plus a discount in my shop (when I have it up and running).

The Wisdom Keeper Tier is a course to complement my first book Isis Wisdom: Unveiling the Magic of You, here you will get weekly videos and a monthly chat room where those on this journey will meet up and talk about their progress. The audio versions of the 29 meditations will be available here too (you can buy the MP3 on Amazon if you prefer). You can join anytime and work through the book at your own speed - but join in the discussions on zoom.(2 time zones to suit international patrons). If anyone who bought the book is ready and able to leave a review on Amazon I will be grateful: link to the book.

Shine Bright Tier provides all of the above plus a monthly zoom meeting where I will channel messages from Isis for each person individually in a group setting (2 time zones). You can pop in and out of patreon tiers at will.


I have joined a Directory - a new venture, yet to be proven (I will let you know if this is a good investment) If you feel able to subscribe and leave a review it might raise my profile -

It was my plan to create a directory in this Newsletter - as ordinarily I have guest writers and guests who provide the meditation. I know some extraordinary and wonderful people and I would love to celebrate you here (for free of course!).

There is also the opportunity this year to jump on my Sofa Chat and promote yourselves that way. Don't wait to be asked - please tell me you are interested. If it's your first time on a call like this - I can help you.

Please send me your business cards so that I can copy and paste them to a directory here, and please share this opportunity - the more the merrier - but we all must commit to supporting every person here.

Pocket Book Series

I published a new book “I am” , a powerful little book to carry in your pocket. For £4.50 you can retrain your mind to rekindle your magnificence. I am almost ready to publish “Renew’ around 3,000 word pocketbook in the same series. I have invited many to jump on board and create a series with me. On the condition that they promote the series - not just their own book. (very few people get rich from books - they are a great marketing tool and a way to communicate your gifts). IF this takes off then we will have a Summit next year where all the authors can showcase their work. The only expense is the ISBN, otherwise it's self publishing through Amazon under the series title - please let me know when you are ready to write - as we need a breadth of subjects without repetition. If you want more info - just ask.

Circle of Light

I have so missed this wonderful gathering… Here is the link for this month's Circle on Monday 13th March at 18.00 (GMT) where we will create a sacred space with an intention for the circle. Please bring something to share with the group that holds special meaning to you. Here's the link:

Topic: Circle of Light

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 893 6096 7014 Passcode: 522507, You can join from 17.30 for a catch up.

If any of our friends in different timezones would like a circle gathering - then please let me know.

See you somewhere lovely folk - please share this with your friends and family.


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