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May 2023 Newsletter

Welcome all my new Subscribers and friends - it's so good to have you here….

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Reflection on April & Plans for May

BOOK CLUB Links to books at the end of the newsletter

We met Cathryn Mahoney with her new book “Oon’ch-illia” on Easter Sunday, which was fabulous - I hope that you got to watch it and to read her book…

We also met Teresa Palmer with “Heal your Heart from Within” on 23rd April and if you have any concerns about your heart this is a book for you.

In May we have Alfred Ballanti speaking about his latest release and his other books….a prolific author, therapist and rock star!

The Pocket Book Series (this may change to Pocket Book Collection as there is already a Series on Amazon - however did I miss that?)

Self Help books for Personal & Spiritual Development are open to any budding or established author…. There are some truly exciting books being created and Gavin published the 3rd book in the series -I am, Renew and Tapping into Emotional Freedom are available worldwide on Amazon and on kindle.

I am: The path to success Susi Jones

Renew: The first step to a Brighter Tomorrow Susi Jones

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: An EFT Pocket Book Gavin Bowtell

There is a plan for a Summit in 2024 celebrating each author - so multiple opportunities for promoting your gifts and presenting to an audience online or maybe in person - who knows where this will lead?

IF you purchase any of my books and leave me a review - I have a gift for you! Please let me know if you are incognito on the review.

How do you do that?

Go to Amazon - go to your account and scroll down to Reviews - click add a review and all of your purchases should be there.

Reviews are the lifeblood of Authors - without them our books are not seen

SO please always REVIEW

However if you really didn't enjoy a book then consider staying silent

You will be meeting Fiona Porter on Sunday 7th as we put the world to rights and talk about mental health, Reiki and Holistic Life Coaching


We will meet Gavin Bowtell to talk about his Pocket Book - Tapping into Emotional Freedom in an extra special streaming event.

Knitting, Crochet, Pizza Making and Glass Art

I created Exploring Soft Toys (#crochet and #knitting) and Purls of Wisdom in April (#knitting) I hope you found them interesting.

Plans for May are in process - not quite sure which one will hit YouTube yet so keep your eyes open

These circles always bring me so much joy - healing, genuine loving kindness and gentle growth. Feel free to join us and meet some of the people on my sofa and in the book club - many of whom are healers, authors and wisdom keepers - here without ego or judgement.

The second Monday in the Month at 18.00 London Time for an hour - please join early for a catch up and stay later if you choose.

In May Circle we will be talking about Aura’s and Channelling Wisdom for each other.

Please know that the Circle is a Contemporary and Inclusive Community for Personal and Spiritual Development - you are completely at liberty to follow any tradition that makes your heart sing without question or need to explain.

Patreon and Ko-fi

Thank you to my wonderful supporters who support me to provide all my free content and opportunities - I am truly grateful to you all.

#Hypnotherapy & Healing

I have some openings in my diary again…check out my website for details

I am also offering a 20 minute channelled guidance and healing session online. Contact me on Social Media or email for more details:

#Speaking from Your Soul On Saturday 22nd April - online, I presented Stepping into Your Power alongside 14 other amazing women - it was incredible and amazing and there are more opportunities going forward. - book a call with me to discuss!

BLOG: The Burden of Grief

I am considering turning this into a Pocket Book in the future but for now I will share my thoughts here:

Kübler-Ross initially identified 5 stages of grief

  • Denial

  • Anger

  • Bargaining

  • Depression

  • Acceptance

They then added 2 more: Shock at #1 and Testing between Depression & Acceptance

I happily taught this model for years but I always added Guilt as I have cared for many people in their final stages of life and supported their loved ones, many of whom really struggled with guilt without any foundation.

Then through personal experience I understand what Grief is really like and realise that there is nothing linear about the experience, there is no cycle - there is just chaos and what feels like madness.

These are my thoughts… you have my permission to agree or disagree with anything I have written - it certainly isn't medical advice, and if you are grieving then do seek support.

  • The lens through which we view life determines how we cope with grief

  • The circumstances that lead to grief determine the processing of grief

  • Our cultural, religious, community beliefs determine the expectations of our process

  • And our personal expectations,hopes, dreams, fears, commitment and love determine the overriding emotion of grief.

We must never make assumptions about a grieving relative and why they behave, act or remove themselves from the event. If we consider that millions of children every year are sexually abused, neglected and are exposed to and experience violence, we can safely assume that when the perpetrator dies there may be relief or fury that they died without paying the price.

There are many young children who are carers for their parents and siblings and are not showered with love and attention, or offered opportunities for social connection and funtimes… what emotions might come up for them, how might they approach grief?

Or maybe ever-doting parents determine your path and prevent you achieving your hopes and dreams - how might you feel when they pass?

I work with people who are grieving - long before their beloved has passed… supporting people at the end of their life is hard work and messy, especially if their illness is highly debilitating and behaviours are challenged. In many ways one experiences two events of loss, loss of relationship as they have swapped that role of parent/child or lover to carer, nursemaid.

Death becomes a light at the end of a painful tunnel, and the loved one is left with many questions: could I have done more, could the medical team have done more. What if…we hadn’t chosen that path - a ruminating cycle of doubt and despair. Also the loss of ‘role’ makes the emptiness harder.

And then of course the immensely painful loss of a baby through miscarriage or termination, premature birth, cot death or disease….devastating loss that is life altering.

And of course the shock of losing a loved one to suicide, which leaves so many more questions than answers and the loss is devastating.

Then there is that sort of grief that does not relate to a person or animal dying… the inner grief of a failed life - not achieving the life you had dreamt for yourself, not meeting the love of your life, not having children etc.

Grief when it is not processed gets stuck - deep inside our cells and needs release.

I asked ChatGPT (an AI programme that scans the internet for information) about grief and I leave these here for you to consider and maybe get some relief from.

  1. "Grief is like a wave, sometimes it crashes down on you and sometimes it recedes. But it's always there."

  2. "The pain of grief may never fully go away, but with time, it does get easier to carry."

  3. "Grief is a reminder that we loved deeply and were loved deeply in return."

  4. "It's okay to not be okay. Give yourself permission to feel your grief and honour your emotions."

  5. "Grief can be a lonely journey, but know that you're not alone. Reach out for support when you need it."

  6. "There's no right or wrong way to grieve. Everyone experiences it differently and that's okay."

  7. "Grief is not a sign of weakness, it's a testament to the depth of our love."

  8. "Healing from grief is a process, and it takes time. Be patient with yourself."

  9. "In the midst of grief, it can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But trust that one day, you will find peace."

  10. "Grief may change us, but it doesn't have to define us. We can find strength and hope in the midst of our pain."

I asked a question on social media to extract people's understanding of ‘making connections with our loved ones who have passed’. This of course gives rise to beliefs about what happens after death - and for those who have no faith or belief in existence after death, I wonder where the comfort lies?.

I have worked with the dead for many years. They choose me. I would not describe myself as a medium, although I am a bridge for many people to make connections with their loved ones. I am a channel - a message giver - a link in the chain - a facilitator. And for those whose spirit remains or returns to earth I guide them back to Source Energy where (in my belief system) they can process all the lessons of this life and find peace and healing.

Steps on the Healing Journey

Take one step at a time - there is no rush

IF you have to continue with life commitments, it is necessary to choose a time everyday where you are free to process your grief and give yourself permission to ‘let it all out’.

For those for whom this loss is great…

Talk about your loved one - the culture in the UK is very ‘stiff upper lip’ and people would cross the road to avoid talking to you! Mention their name in conversation - “ oh John would have loved that dress - just his colour”..... light, easy and comfortable conversation.

Cry - wail - shout - scream - but then take action - go for a walk in nature, hug a tree, sing your songs at the top of your voice and scream your love and your loss out to the universe. Don't be afraid to explore all of your emotions and really explore them until they are spent.

Journal - write it out - every day, one of my lovely friends writes about her day but sections off her journal and creates a space to remember something about her beloved…something fun and lovely… I do believe this is providing her with a great deal of comfort and will offer this to my clients going forward.

TALK to them - kiss their photo, fold their clothes, wear their watch, say goodmorning and goodnight, show them things you know they would love… and believe they can hear you and are with you every time you mention their name.

Look after yourself - take yourself on a date to your favourite restaurant, go for a walk in the park, the cinema, the jazz club - wherever your went and have fond memories and meet with your friends and family, laugh out loud as often as you can, smile and dance as often as you can - even if you feel like lead - it will help.

For those for whom this loss is a relief

As above, this story is about you, about freeing yourself from the pain of the past, about ‘letting go’ of things you can't change and reaching out for support to help you heal. If you haven't processed your trauma then this might just be the right time.

Do take time to reach out and gain support, I work with those who are recently bereaved and only ask for donations.

(I would truly appreciate your thoughts)

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With Love for a Happy May - Shine Bright

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