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Nature abhors a Vacuum

Aristotle saw that nature will fill spaces and as I am clearing away the spring flowers to make room for summer blooms I realise how many plants have arrived in my garden by the wind and birds this year.

A few years ago, we lived in a small village locally known as 'The rows', old miners cottages built in 1866 and loved the life we created there. On the edge of the village there was an industrial unit which caught fire, once the debris was cleared, all that was left were concrete blocks covering the earth. Within a very short space of time, wild flowers, buddleias and other trees grew in every inch of visible earth and nature created a garden. I think this is what Aristotle meant by nature filling in the gaps.

It has been interesting to consider this concept with my clients this month as we have explored the space we leave in our lives and how little time we give to action towards our dreams.

We have considered what fills the space in our head: stories, scrolling, the news and fears. and how to shift those 'cotton wool' feelings where we just cannot concentrate or focus on the things that need our attention.

When we make space in our lives 'to bloom' by clearing away the unwanted thoughts and behaviours, we can create a beautiful life. What is holding you back from your dreams? Or preventing you doing the things you want to do?

Sitting with this thought for a while, noticing what you are filling the spaces with and without judgement making decisions which will lead you forwards, in the direction of your dreams.

One very simple way to start this process is through the breath. Whenever you have an opportunity to close your eyes for 30 seconds: just watch your breath, notice your body rise and fall with it, make no effort to change it and in this moment you have created a space, a calm and quiet space.

Aristotle also said: "are you willing to give up that which makes you sick?"

so if you are filling the spaces of your life, not leaving any room for the real stuff then - have a word with yourself and create some space in your life

The photo is a garden in Sydney - beautiful

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