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October Newsletter

October Newsletter
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October 2022

Reflection on September

September is my favourite month of the year - it reminds me of putting on my long socks and winter uniform, collecting cobwebs from the privet hedges that lined our streets. Of the welcoming smell of soups and stews and the darker evenings lost before the open fire. There is something warming about the crisper air and misty mornings.

Powerful reminiscence of positive imagery alights the senses and brings a wave of gratitude and as we watch the leaves beginning to fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, we know that this is the time to reflect upon the fruits of our labours this year and to use this time to draw energy from our Earth to prepare of for the spring. Life really is about balance and if we use the seasons as a metaphor for life, we will not go wrong.


In the UK our Queen died, it wasn't unexpected and she lived a long and privileged life…not one I have any envy for. Grief always brings our emotions to the surface and if we don't truly process our loss with each passing, then it compounds and we lose control.

Whatever your beliefs, it is important to acknowledge all the feelings you experience and sit with them until you have extracted the learning, hold an imaginary conversation with the deceased and say all those things that you couldn't say before. In the silence of this moment you might hold a sense that they are responding to bring you comfort.

It is very important at every age that you have shared your wishes, making a living will that identifies your wishes for your health and wellbeing in the event of catastrophe and of course thoughts about your estate.

Crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s means having order to your life and this reduces anxiety and saves time. Also taking 100% responsibility for your own health will lead you forwards. I have recently had a hip problem - I sought professional advice (which is in process) and then scoured the web for information where I discovered that Inflammation created much of the issue and if I am to avoid surgery then I need to reduce the inflammation. My research led me to Turmeric, Black Pepper and Boswellia Serrata which is having a huge impact on my health, sleep, mobility and pain management. Find your path that you might achieve health at your optimum level.


My first book Isis Wisdom: Unveiling the Magic of You is in the final stages of editing (9 stages!!) and I am getting good feedback from my testers.

This has been an amazing journey and I am thrilled with my progress. It is my intention that the book will be published on 07.12.2022 which is a special day to me and also an auspicious 7 which in numerology speaks of wisdom, truth and an intellectual approach to life.

There are many new people in my life and I am truly grateful for them. Many are published and aspiring authors and are following their hearts and their purpose to bring great wisdom to our world.

IF you have a book inside you and you want to learn about self publishing - Michael Alperstein will share the lesson he gave me with you all on 13th October @18.00 London: KDP for beginners (KDP is Amazon)

Meeting ID: 850 8765 4939 Passcode: 434063

This is a FREE session but if you feel able please consider purchasing his book.

Here's the link to his book on Amazon: JoyfulHeart Gratitude Journal: A 60 Day Manifestation Workbook


A sneak peak from one of the stages of the book. I always read outloud to edit, so it's not the most professional audio - but I hope you find something powerful here - Meditation Waterfall in the footer of each page


We are entering into a time of many festivals, which inspires creativity - Halloween, pumpkins and dressing up, face painting. Maybe preparation for your own Festival of Light? You might create tealight holders out of glass jam jars, decorating the outside with leaves and twigs. And this is a perfect time to start creating gifts for loved ones this Christmas. And of course being Creative with your Financial Resources is good and wise management in these days of uncertainty.

I have had crochet hooks and knitting needles in my hands for almost 60 years and recently found some exciting podcasters sharing their knitting journey. Turning a hobby into a secondary stream of income and teaching me skills I have never used: for example: The Icelandic Cast Off - who would have thought that each country has completely different ways of knitting?? How blessed we are to be multicultural and travel the world through our phones, tablets and computers.


Vegan Borscht: I would not say this is authentic, but is certainly superbly healthy and sublimely colourful. If you haven't got the ingredients - you can swap for other things - except maybe the beetroot - which is the base veg and reason for the colour:

What you need Heavy bottomed lidded pan Beetroot - I used a whole bunch ½ cabbage - any colour/type 2 large carrots I large potato 1 stick celery (optional) 1 onion Garlic cloves (optional) Herbs and spices * Vegetable stock cube Apple cider vinegar (optional) Olive oil ...or other oils/fats * Herbs & spices are personal choice and I suggest you use what you like or what you have in stock I used a teaspoon of: Paprika, Cumin, Garam Masala, Medium Curry powder, Turmeric and ½ tsp Nutmeg with Black Pepper and Sea Salt and ParsleyMethod