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October Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

Reflection on September & Plans for


Life has changed… a complete turn around - what once felt like a job has now turned into what feels like liberty - a freedom I have never felt in my life.

Yes there are domestic responsibilities, health requirements that take time and create some interesting expletives - but otherwise I am completely at ease and free to create in whatever way I am inspired.

Art World

I am about to start week 8:52 and already I can see progress - I have started to post my efforts online as you seem to enjoy them and your comments surprise and thrill me - I guess because I am learning how to have a ‘critical eye’ without judgement and I am equally able to celebrate progress and it is good to have your feedback.

My mother Muriel Bramley nee Roberts taught me how to ‘code’ everything with Love - (she was most likely an angel on this earth) as I developed my spiritual knowledge I learned more about coding - and you are experts at this too - those who play with the elements will call this ‘spells’ or ‘spelling’ which essentially is using the power of words thought or spoken to ‘heal’ or to ‘curse’.

Based on this principle I pour love into everything I do and in the case of this beautiful hare I speak with her as she comes to life on the canvas and I am thinking of all who will see her and find something beautiful in her - that they too might know their own beauty. - I am blessed by @FrancesCrickmorephoto on Instagram who permits me to use her work as reference.

I move on this month to the end of this first stage of the course and will be close to graduating the first section which has focussed on drawing techniques and traditional/classical oil painting. Next section is Mixed Media - and that is quite exciting as I love to experiment. Do check this school out MilanArtInstitute Mastery Programme and on social media look for ArtSocial.

Spiritual Work & Hypnotherapy

I have formally retired from my 50 year ‘professional career’ and it feels good. So now when people contact me for support and guidance, I ask my ‘guides’ and if they agree I will work with them.

There must always be an energy exchange as otherwise it is out of alignment with universal energies so I ask for a donation - and this has brought strange and wonderful things as well as money into my life - and for all I am grateful.

I continue to collect people for healing energy and they go in my heart and are sent healing every day. My friend sent a beautiful tealight holder and I now light this every evening and choose someone from my list with the greatest need and devote the light to them. If you need to be on this list or know someone who does - just let me know. All my guides and angels work with me to offer healing.

The Pocket Book Library

I am super excited that Karen Taylor is publishing her book that will live in the Pocket Library: This will be published in October: Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Frequently asked questions. I think this will be so useful for people considering this amazing life changing modality.

Self Help books for Personal & Spiritual Development are open to any budding or established author…. There are some truly exciting books being created and these are available worldwide on Amazon and sometimes on Kindle.

I am: The path to success Susi Jones

Renew: The first step to a Brighter Tomorrow Susi Jones

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: An EFT Pocket Book Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning: Radical Ideas Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Deepening Connection with Divine Source Cathryn Mahoney

The Spirit Animal Challenge:

Growing and Healing with the Help of your spirit animals Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Frequently asked questions Karen Taylor

In May we launched the PBL in my podcast with the very wonderful book by Gavin Bowtell:

In June we met Cathryn Mahoney with her beautiful book Elemental Wisdom and it is amazing to see how both Gavin and Cathryn have raised the bar on their practice since launching these two books.

In July we met Kristin Koslowski (I hope you got to see the video on YouTube) and we talked about spirit animals and her fabulous new book.

We have many books in process and I look forward to sharing these with you when the summer is over.

There is a plan for a Summit in 2024 celebrating each author - so multiple opportunities for promoting your gifts and presenting to an audience online or maybe in person - who knows where this will lead?

My world of Books

Serious confession - book 2 from Isis Wisdom is on the back burner! BUT I am thrilled that more people are buying Book 1: Unveiling the magic of you. This is an entrance level book into Waking Up - to the illusion we call reality. I want you to imagine that with every lesson, rule, belief, expectation or hurt you received in your life - each time you learned these things: a coat of varnish was painted on you - as you age you become more inflexible, struggling to get off the sofa, struggling to make ends meet, a litany of poor relationships and life feels like shit - you become disenchanted with everything - you might even blame a God that you don't believe in…

Isis calls these layers ‘veils’ obscuring you from the truth of your magnificence - I cannot tell you how beautiful, powerful, radiant and incredible you are because you are so glued to your past and your thoughts and beliefs. Or maybe not! Maybe you know this is the truth but you don't know how to ‘live’ like this - then the book is for you too!. Each word is encoded and even if it just sits on your shelf - the energy of it will impact you beautifully and life will begin to let light in one way or another.

You are worth it - and if money is short… just buy the digital version. There's a workbook too - so do grab that if journaling is your thing!


We will be chatting with Karen Taylor about her new Pocket Book. If you have a subject close to your heart please join me to share your knowledge and skills…


I am doing my best to get through my stash and have made a few hotpads for the table, hardly picked up my knitting and must get back to my commissions this month - I think the art is consuming my mind and time! Oh but I am enjoying shining my culinary light on Facebook and I am so thrilled that people are enjoying new ways of eating and cooking… it needs to be a movement!

Circle of Light NB MONDAY 2nd October at 6pm London Time : “LIGHT”

These circles always bring me so much joy, healing, genuine loving kindness and gentle growth. Feel free to join us and meet some of the people on my sofa and in the book club - many of us are healers, authors, wisdom keepers - here without ego or judgement with the sole and soul purpose to connect with others on their path. We have changed our Circle to the 1st Monday in the month as a way to fire ourselves up for what is to come.

In May Circle we explored Aura’s and Channelling Wisdom for each other. As always it was a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge, skills and intentions.

In June Circle we explored Light Language/Glossolalia as this spiritual practice has been practised for centuries and it is often misunderstood.

In July Circle we explored Living in the fullness of spirit. Isis has guided us to not just bring our spirit into our lives in this body but to embody our spirit in this body. Your spirit is infinite and limitless, powerful beyond our human imagination.

In August we Reclaimed our Energy as Isis led us through a spiritual journey and taught us how to pick up the pieces and integrate them. This was a powerful session and like a pebble in a lake the waves continued to impact many of us as more and more reclamation took place and with it an opening of honesty and truth.

In September we looked through the lens of Forgiveness, an act that we are told is difficult - but in truth is quite simply a decision…I’m excited to see how the Goddess leads us into a deeper preparation for the new earth.

In October we will be looking at Light and how we use it in ceremony, healing and our daily lives.

Please know that the Circle is a Contemporary and Inclusive Community for Personal and Spiritual Development - you are completely at liberty to follow any tradition that makes your heart sing without question or need to explain.

Circle of Light: We meet from 17.45 for chat and start at 6pm London Time, Our Circle is on Monday 2nd October



I love Autumn, there is something magical about it, the ‘death’ of summer, harvest, darker colder nights and mornings, cobwebs glistening in the privet hedges, warm cosy fires, woolly jumpers and wraps. Wellington boots with colourful homemade socks and hats and scarves dragged out of their boxes. Hot steaming soups and jacket potatoes from the fire.

Then of course the celebrations, Harvest Festival, All Hallows Eve (all saints/to be honoured as holy)

now taken over by pumpkins, witches "Halloween", Samhain, Bonfire Night, Festival of Light, Yule and Christmas preparations, oh yes and many Birthdays including mine - the last of this decade…5 years after I made a choice to stay.

You see Death was an option, I negotiated an extension, it wasn't that anyone wanted to steal my life, there was work for me to do in a different dimension and I was asked to transition to that new role… It's true for those left behind it would have been understood as death - after all my lifeless body was not going to hold them, love them or laugh with them again…and grief would have been sharp and painful.

I have witnessed many people and animals transition from their physical life in their wrecked bodies, I have watched as their spirit has flown to a light they alone could see, I have comforted those whose hearts were breaking where no words would be heard in those raw moments.

We are conditioned to understand death as final, when in truth it is the next stage, when our work is done here, whether or not we are given the time to prepare or the light comes out of the blue and whisks us away. We chose to come to Earth with a clear and powerful purpose, with contractual agreements and acceptance of our role. We are eternal beings, having lived many lives in many dimensions and as you are alive right now at this pivotal time in Earth's evolution, then you are truly a powerhouse, y

ou will be living your purpose and shining your light. Earth is a school of learning and all the information we share throughout our lives is driving us ever forward.

I am of an age where my peers are popping their clogs, they are leaving this body behind and returning to their spirit form ready to ‘decode’ this experience and prepare for the next. I understand it like the seasons: Autumn in particular - as it is only when the acorn falls from the tree that there is a chance of new life. When we let go of our earthly bodies we move forward to new opportunities and I wonder if the higher numbers of people transitioning is because in around 20 years time, Earth will need these powerful warriors to build the new earth without the tyranny of this outdated model we are experiencing today.

So Death - let it not have the sting that we have been led to believe, let us find an acceptance that it is a transition that is certain, the final change that we make in this earthly body. And if you feel the call to ‘home’ then negotiate like I did with the codicil that Spirit knows best and when the need is greater: you are willing.

And Grief… take each moment, each tear, each belly aching scream and know that each step you take will lead you towards moments of calm. And those moments will increase until you find your feet and begin to see the light again.

If you are troubled by ‘entities’ or ‘a presence’ in your home and need support, then get in touch, there are often reasons which are easily managed and in some cases it is loved ones or former residents who chose not to follow the light and hang around familiar places desperately seeking freedom - it is not a good experience for them and they urgently need to be set free. I can help.

I have accounts on Patreon and Ko-fi - but in my new world I cannot commit to the time they demand. If you wish to support the work I do, to cover costs of website, subscriptions and zoom: please use paypal, or share my work with others, liking, subscribing and commenting all help. And for all those who send love and healing I am eternally grateful.

Books: - also worldwide

Unveiling the Magic of You: Susi Jones

Unveiling the Magic of You Companion Journal

Making Life Happen (Notebook) Susi Jones

Moments of Calm (Notebook) Susi Jones

Like a Compass in Her Bones: Kristin Kozlowski

Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

Life Begins at 70: Alfred Bellanti

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Pocket Book Library

Renew: Susi Jones

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Karen Taylor

The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

Cathryn Mahoney

Mani Pureheart


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