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Reading for the Collective: February 2022

Every Years End I create a variety of ceremonies to reflect on the passing and future year. To make plans, to dream dreams and to get a heads up about the challenges that might create opportunity for transformation.

I offer this as an individual service, but this year after a lengthy meditation, I was guided to read for us all.

Every month I will share the channeled message I received with each card and add any new insights along with them.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to really understand your judgments. The lens through which you look at life: how is it working for you? Are you positive, negative, fearful, joyful? We make this choice, but the hardest thing is to choose how you judge yourself? We so often listen to old stories about ourselves, our capacities, our capabilities. When we listen we can hear our judgments - "I'm no good at that", "that's not right", "I'm too old/too young for that" and these leave us trapped. There is one thing for certain about life and that it changes and transforms all the time. The call of February is to review your life and determine what changes in thoughts and actions you will make in 2022

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