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Sacred Healing

Sacred means belonging to the infinite and sacred healing is connection to the infinite being, God or All that is.

When we step out of alignment with all we are, we restrict, constrain and limit possibility.

We step out of alignment when we disconnect from ourselves, others and the world. This shows up in poor functioning, difficult relationships and ill health.

To heal ourselves therefore, we must seek alignment with our Infinity, we do this in the physical by connecting with our mystery, those parts of us that know all we ever have known or will know.

We take time out to connect with our breath, our heart and our body, to be conscious of our own being, to understand ourselves and to accept and love who we are. Then we will know that we Belong to the Infinite and will 'line up' with health, abundance and love.

The Sacred Path of all Warriors of Light leads to service, but first we must serve ourselves in order that we show up as authentic, powerful healers and transformational thought leaders.

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