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September Newsletter

Welcome all my new Subscribers and friends - it's so good to have you here….

September 2023 Newsletter

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Reflection on August & Plans for September

Wow what a month - after our Circle of Light where we reclaimed lost energy I have been in a deep process: radical shifts, drawing inwards towards a greater and deeper understanding of who I am and what my next stage is.

There are people who I have hurt, people who have hurt me and those who today would be delighted if they could sabotage my life. These people no longer have my permission to hold on to my energy, I no longer have permission to hold anything but neutral thoughts about them or the journey that led them to these behaviours. They are powerful incarnations and their journey has nothing to do with me.

Drawing inwards has meant that I haven't joined in, commented or posted much at all and certainly not created any reels or youtubes. (except the one that was in my diary). I will rekindle some aspects of my former life - but gently when it feels right. Circle of Light - will remain as it is a beautiful space where Isis has reign and it feels good… you are always welcome.

The Pocket Book Library

Self Help books for Personal & Spiritual Development are open to any budding or established author…. There are some truly exciting books being created and these are available worldwide on Amazon and sometimes on Kindle.

I am: The path to success Susi Jones

Renew: The first step to a Brighter Tomorrow Susi Jones

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: An EFT Pocket Book Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning: Radical Ideas Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Deepening Connection with Divine Source Cathryn Mahoney

The Spirit Animal Challenge:

Growing and Healing with the Help of your spirit animals Kristin Kozlowski

In May we launched the PBL in my podcast with the very wonderful book by Gavin Bowtell:

In June we met Cathryn Mahoney with her beautiful book Elemental Wisdom and it is amazing to see how both Gavin and Cathryn have raised the bar on their practice since launching these two books.

In July we met Kristin Koslowski (I hope you got to see the video on YouTube) and we talked about spirit animals and her fabulous new book.

We have many books in process and I look forward to sharing these with you when the summer is over.

There is a plan for a Summit in 2024 celebrating each author - so multiple opportunities for promoting your gifts and presenting to an audience online or maybe in person - who knows where this will lead?

My world of Books

August was very quiet on Amazon, but more people are reading ‘Unveiling the magic of you’ on Kindle and I hope Isis’s words are transforming people. I have channelled more of Isis’s wisdom for her second book Medicine and as I am in process I believe that the plan to publish in December is delayed and that feels ok. The world is shifting so quickly that we wonder what is necessary at this time and might make new plans going forward. There are around 13k words so maybe they can go into another work - the future is surely exciting.

I am delighted to be supporting friends in NewZealand with a channelled book of wisdom, contributing short pieces which are being channelled from a collective calling themselves The Tribe - they seem young and energetic.


Leigh Campbell and Clare Cavalli chatted with me about menopause and it was thoroughly enlightening. If you haven't caught up yet - do watch this - even if like me you are postmenopausal there is much to learn from these fabulous therapists. I am hoping to meet with David Quiqley of the Alchemy Institute to talk about breast cancer and post sometime in September.


I finished the cardigan for my friend and he loves it - it was a labour of love on small pins and he's a tall man! Whenever I create I imbue the work with love and I know this is going to bring him great comfort and peace.

I have another frog commission next and I am working through my harlequin jacket and as it gets cooler I will pick up Jake’s colorwork jumper.

The Art Mastery is going incredibly well - I am in week 4:52 and have learned so much. Like all things when we are learning, we have to be kind to ourselves, yet also brutally honest and I think much of my learning is about what I could have done better. We are learning Baroque style mastery, the old ways of oil painting and it is fascinating. We start off with the hardest projects and then fine tune them until we get better. Elli Milan says we need to learn this way so that we can paint and draw anything with accuracy and confidence - then once we have learned these skills we can learn to abstract - that is a life lesson if ever I heard one! If you are interested they are on Instagram and Youtube and they have an app for artists called Art Social.

Being immersed in this training has brought great focus and discipline and also helped me to let go of my business - after all there wouldn't be time! For those who have commented on social media - thank you for your love.

Circle of Light NB MONDAY 4th September at 6pm London Time

These circles always bring me so much joy, healing, genuine loving kindness and gentle growth. Feel free to join us and meet some of the people on my sofa and in the book club - many of us are healers, authors, wisdom keepers - here without ego or judgement with the sole and soul purpose to connect with others on their path. We have changed our Circle to the 1st Monday in the month as a way to fire ourselves up for what is to come.

In May Circle we explored Aura’s and Channelling Wisdom for each other. As always it was a wonderful opportunity to share our knowledge, skills and intentions.

In June Circle we explored Light Language/Glossolalia as this spiritual practice has been practised for centuries and it is often misunderstood.

In July Circle we explored Living in the fullness of spirit. Isis has guided us to not just bring our spirit into our lives in this body but to embody our spirit in this body. Your spirit is infinite and limitless, powerful beyond our human imagination.

In August we Reclaimed our Energy as Isis led us through a spiritual journey and taught us how to pick up the pieces and integrate them. This was a powerful session and like a pebble in a lake the waves continued to impact many of us as more and more reclamation took place and with it an opening of honesty and truth.

In September we are going to look through the lens of Forgiveness, an act that we are told is difficult - but in truth is quite simply a decision…I’m excited to see how the Goddess leads us into a deeper preparation for the new earth.

I would love to hear if these messages are valuable to your personal or spiritual development.

Please know that the Circle is a Contemporary and Inclusive Community for Personal and Spiritual Development - you are completely at liberty to follow any tradition that makes your heart sing without question or need to explain.

Patreon and Ko-fi

I will no longer be using these tools and if you should wish to make a donation to the work I do, please use paypal (link at the end of the blog)

Hypnotherapy & Healing

I think 50 years as a nurse, therapist, manager, trainer, supervisor, course writer and public speaker is long enough…if you add the years growing up where I cared for my brother and supported my mother in all of her care of the community then it’s definitely long enough. So I have retired…and I am truly delighted.

I still offer a 20 minute channelled guidance and healing session online. Contact me on Social Media or email for more details: The energy exchange for this is donation.

Circle of Light: We meet from 17.30 for chat and start at 6pm London Time, Our Circle is on the 4th September


Healers, Guides, Energy Workers & Warriors of Light

All those who are awakening and awake know that there is much more to existence than what we have been spoon fed to believe: We are powerful healers, wayshowers, energy alchemists and majestic warriors. We are called to create a garden for the new earth, the 5th dimensional reality that is shifting into being here on planet earth.

Guides and Healers come in many different guises, they are at the cutting edge of awakening others from their slumber, they work with the body, mind and emotions and gently re-align people with their innate knowledge and power. If you are one of these people your work is fundamental to the creation of this garden through your touch and the words you share.

Warriors of Light are Lightworkers who eradicate darkness, not fearing the dark or those who work in dark places with dark intention. Many work in isolation, esoterically alongside spiritual bodies from a planetary perspective and others don their armour and wave their swords through the written and spoken word and fearlessly enter into the world of darkness to shine their light.

Energy workers manipulate the invisible energies of earth and individuals through sound and light which releases stuck energies to heal and restore individuals and the planet itself.

There are radical shifts occurring on earth and although the media would feed us their narrative, know that these are just the death throes of an out of date model of living. The more we understand, we begin to see the shifts, yes they are subtle, but they are there. If you are a social media user you will notice an increase in energy medicine practitioners, nutritionists, physical therapists, speakers of light language, shamanic influencers and spiritual healers, mindfulness and meditation apps and now more people sharing their knowledge and wisdom about trauma.

There is a move towards simple living that is sustainable and honouring of earth and our community, a letting go of materialism and opening up to circles of like minded people supporting and caring for each other. I say this at least 3 times a week to different people: “you can only love another as much as you love yourself”.

Love is the foundation stone of our new earth and we are called to love ourselves, to do what makes us happy, to spoil ourselves with health until we are overflowing with love which we can then use to serve our communities.

Going back to the garden -This is the vision I was given: There are 4 sections with 8 paths and a central garden called the Canopy of Love - I see this as a resting place where we are ministered to and by each other.

The 8 paths

Guides: Offering direction and showing people the way

Healers: Healing Broken Hearts and Traumas which directly impact our physical being

Warriors of Light: Lighting the Path and Protection

Energy Workers: Path of Release and Letting Go

The Garden:

An Orchard bearing fruits of the spirit

A Lake of plenty: a powerful waterfall fed by the river of peace

A River of peace

A Garden of tranquillity

Surrounding a Canopy of Love

A delightful example of the new earth that we are creating - I'm excited and although it isn't likely that I will experience this in this body - it thrills me to be a part of it.

The more we share with each other, care for each other and support our individual and collective needs, we become beacons of light. Let’s light up Earth together

Shine Bright x

For my patrons, I have moved back to paypal to reduce admin time. Thank you for your continued support.

Books: - also worldwide

Unveiling the Magic of You: Susi Jones

Unveiling the Magic of You Companion Journal

Making Life Happen (Notebook) Susi Jones

Moments of Calm (Notebook) Susi Jones

Like a Compass in Her Bones: Kristin Kozlowski

Oonch-illia: Cathryn Mahoney

Heal the Heart from Within: Teresa Palmer

Silly Sidney: Kathy Zablotzky

Life Begins at 70: Alfred Bellanti

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Kenda Summers

The Book of Answers: directly through

Souls Sojourn: directly through

Pocket Book Library

Renew: Susi Jones

Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Gavin Bowtell

Stop Thinking Start Learning Susi Jones

Elemental Wisdom: Cathryn Mahoney

Spirit Animal Challenge: Kristin Kozlowski

The Follow the White Rabbit Tribe

Cathryn Mahoney

Mani Pureheart


This text is called Source Code Pro - it might not be pretty but I love its name.

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