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The Dream of the First Attention

However large the map of our world, will determine the dreams we hold

As children our dreams related to the invisible boundaries set up within our home and culture. Our beliefs can keep us small as they are held by agreements we made as young children.

Are you ready to Dream Big, to discover your Second Dream - the dream of FREEDOM?

Don Miguel Ruiz expands upon this concept in his book The Four Agreements and we will use these concepts to launch our Wisdom Workshops on the 3rd Monday of every month at 18.00 - 20.00 GMT

In this wonderful workshop we will explore The Four Agreements and conclude with an opportunity to Break Old Agreements that are keeping us Stuck

First Workshop is FREE so use the code: Try it for FREE and you will be sent a link

What can you expect? Take time for YOU, meet and learn with and from each person in the workshop, Experience a deeply relaxing experience as well as having some practical actions you can take to move from Here to There.

See you on the Zoom Platform Monday 18th October @ 18.00 GMT

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