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I have lived with earache throughout my life, it never occurred to me that there may have been a traumatic incident that created it.

Over the past month I have experienced three episodes of excruciating ear pain without evidence of infection. These episodes are debilitating and put everything on the back burner.

The 'body mind connection' people might ask - what are you not listening to? or what don't you want to hear?

I put my 'Miss Marple' hat on and I started to investigate the root cause. It had never occurred to me that it could be a trauma - and was this trauma in this lifetime or was it a 'family trait'

With my Mary Poppins tool bag in hand, I used my hypnotherapy and timeline skills to uncover the truth.....

I discovered that when I was born by cesarian section, the doctor lifted me out and held rather too tightly on the temporal bone behind my right ear....this is the source of my pain which travels into the small bones which then vibrate and create the pain, sometimes infection and sometimes labyrinthitis. Also the psychological issues related to my birth may have had a part to play in holding on to my pain too.

BUT this was not the first time I had experienced ear pain

Using a special tool, I travelled back through the hallways of time and found a lifetime, before technology where I had heard a really loud noise and it made me fall and hit my head. I visited that scene to discover that I had actually had a brain aneurism and died on the spot.

I travelled back to now with what I call 'the magnet' to rid myself of all of the life times where earache had been a problem.

So am I free of this history, the story that kept on giving? I don't know! I am free today and it is my dearest hope that its done.

Have you got a malady that may have a trauma root? Do you want to explore your past in this way?

I love to work with people to see their transformation, to see them free of fears, old memories, doubts and limitations.

Get in touch for a free phone consultation to start living the life you dream of...

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