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Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas

Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas, Holidays, Solstice
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Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas, Holidays, Solstice

I am so grateful to you for all of your support and love throughout the year, you are very special to me and even though for many we haven't met and probably never will, just knowing you, brings me the greatest joy.

Invitation 1

In place of the January Newsletter - I will be sending a collection of reflections on 2022, IF you would like to add yours, please send them to me by 28th December- no more than 202 words please - and note these will be posted out anonymously for you to enjoy and share should you wish. This idea was inspired by the book “Lockdown Secrets'' , a postcard book by Eleanor Tattersfied.

Invitation 2

On New Years Eve at 8pm GMT, You are invited to a Workshop on the Zoom Platform where we will reflect on 2022 and make plans for 2023. It will be fun, uplifting and encouraging. Bring paper and pens/pencils/markers/colours - anything you can make marks with. Please add this link to your diary

Meeting ID: 850 0177 2887 Passcode: 063914

Please note: Circle of Light will resume in February as I am spending January in preparation for this exciting announcement: see next page

My Plan for 2023

As you may know I wrote and published 2 books in 2022, this was an incredible learning journey which transformed my life in so many ways. Forging new friendships, learning new skills and feeling an excitement like no other when holding the book in my hands for the first time - just amazing! Thank you to all who were called to this work and purchased the book. The guided meditations to be used with the book are on a playlist on Youtube:

I have pondered on the best and most affordable way to offer workshops related to the book to as many people who are looking to enhance and transform their lives, without undervaluing myself or the book and I have a plan!

I am launching a channel which will run on Youtube - “Follow the White Rabbit” (working title)- I am a Matrix fan and often look at my life experience as a never ending quest to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Channel will be the portal to three Patreon Tiers, for those of you who are unaware, Patreon is a popular way for Youtubers to be paid to make content for their fans. Here's an excerpt:

Join me in my home and studio as I write my second book, I will share my creativity: knitting projects, crocheting, sewing and cooking. I will guide you to live mindfully and walk the talk as you transform your life to Shine Bright in this world. I have a whole Mary Poppins Carpet bag of tools and I will share these with you and the world in your early access videos.

I will take you walking with my lovely dog Oreo and family as I visit places and people in their studios and offer you discounts as products are added to my shop.

Circle Membership $3 per month Circle tier is the basic level to support my free services including Circle of Light, Monthly Newsletter and Early access to all public videos, behind the scenes videos and of course you are part of the community and receive any discounts offered in my shop or services. If you choose the annual plan - you will receive a welcome gift

Wisdom Keeper $10 All of the above + a deeper dive into your Personal & Spiritual Transformation, working with Isis Wisdom: Unveiling the Magic of You, additional audio and video files and monthly zoom workshops.

Shining Bright $20 (limited to 10 people) All benefits + monthly intuitive group readings on Zoom: Using a variety of cards and channelling Isis, each person will receive a personal message for their transformation journey.

I will let you know all the details in January so you can enjoy all that I create for free and should you want more - the links to Patreon will be under my videos. Have a wonderful celebration of Light, however you choose to spend it.

IF you would like to receive my monthly newsletter - please subscribe to and check your spam - my emails end up there!

Much love Susi (links to the books in Europe) now available worldwide

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